Obsessed with Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

  1. thank you :smile:
  2. Love GZ shoes too but don't own any yet. I'm sure there's a thread on this already but since we're on the subject do they run tts?
  3. they run tts

    peeps though i think may be 1/2 smaller. i have the same shoes that ashanti has in that pic but mine are black and metallic pink.
  4. GZs, in my experience, run TTS or 1/2 size small. I'm a US 8 and wear a 38 or 38.5 in Zanottis.
  5. Love GZs!
  6. I've been eyeing these shoes for like forever and finally got it at Shopbop for $208!!!! What a steal :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    GZ strappy bootie.jpg
  7. Nice!! Congrats!
  8. I only have one pair and they're my favorite shoes. Here they are.
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    ^I love those!

    I'm also a fan of GZ but don't own any yet. I loved a lot of the shoes from last season, but this season nothing has caught my eye.
  10. :drool::faint::drool:
  11. ^^^ Thanks Lexa

    Meluvs2shop you're funny!
  12. :drool: beautiful!
  13. Those are some of the loveliest shoes I have ever seen!
  14. MissPR08 - Thank you!

    Fun2BAround - You are so sweet. They really are my favorite shoes.
  15. Waiting for these to become available at matchesfashion