Obsessed with chocolate!!

  1. Whilst you may be thinking that I am referring to 'Dairy Milk' or 'Chocolate Buttons', my actual obsession is with the colour brown....having a truffle Twiggy and Wallet, a chocolate/marron First & just waiting for my truffle City to arrive.

    Do any other ladies, have an obsession with one colour bags?

    Or do I need therapy? :graucho:
  2. Please post some pics of your chocolate goodies (typing as I stuff my face with a giant toblerone!!):yes:

    Am patiently waiting for some more pinks and purples to come out...thank goodness for the long awaited VIOLET!!!:graucho:
  3. My truffle Twiggy and Wallet...

    My chocolate/marron First....

    And the truffle City, heading in my direction...
  4. I could easiy have have chosen the same color over and over again. For some odd reason, with different styles, hardware and leather treatment, I convince myself that they are vastly different.

    So, the next time I buy a Bbag, I push myself towards a completely different color.

    The problem with brown is it's the new black, and it comes in so many different variations. Same thing with blue, or red, or green. I think we have other members here who are fixated on one color :yes:

    So rather than chocolate color, try another functional color such as black or marine, or anthracite. I don't think you'll be disappointed. Have fun.:smile:

  5. Great and nice brown in different shades....till now, i have not own one color on that.....cheers....:yahoo:
  6. I understand ur fixation...the balenciaga browns are gorgeous...which could explain why I have two marrons!