OBSESSED wih eBay?

  1. I am obsessed with eBay! Anyone else?
    I love getting a deal, and it's fun to put items on your watch list and bid, and sometimes watch between the same two items to get a deal.
    I have so many nice things that I bought for a fraction of their original price.
    I own quite a few things that I got for either brand new or brand new condition and between them all I have saved hundreds upon hundreds.

    LOVE eBay. But I wanted to post this and ask if anyone else is this way too? I feel a little weird about it I admit, and I know many people use it, but anyone else go on every day?
  2. I love it too but way less than I used to as there are so many fakes and scammers out there that ruin the whole experience
  3. I LOVE eBay. I have gotten so many great deals on stuff that I use all the time, from clothing, shoes, bags, and even household items. Plus I have made a ton of money selling things I no longer need or want. I think it's a great thing and I can't imagine how I used to live without it!

    I am on their website every day, and during work I check auctions periodically through the day. On the weekends I list items for sale. It's great!
  4. Its my obsession too. My partner can't understand why I'm so obsessed and why I have to go on line daily. He calls it 'ebay tat'. How dare he!!

    However I hate the fact that there are so many fakes, and ebay does little to Police it.
  5. I love it for selling now mainly...so fed up with all the fakes on there though
  6. guilty as charged!! i constantly check up on ebay if any new deals come up..its pretty bad i have to admit:nuts:
    you are not alone at all - i love it bec i can participate in the 'fancy' lifestyle but at a fraction of the cost. I can buy high end shoes (ok not manolos or louboutins but tods etc) but the bags are just out of my reach, so ebay is great.

    since using it I just refuse to pay retail. also, I can't imagine anymore going back to buying substantial amounts from H&M etc - which is where I used to shop when I didn't want to spend too much.

    my hubby doesnt get it either but hey, so what! i also sell so he can't really complain!

    and yes, I check everyday - but at the moment I couldn't go to town and shop even if I wanted to - just too busy, so this is my relaxation or for my morning coffee.

  8. Me too. Now I'm afraid to buy anything b/c nowadays you can never tell if it's a fake or if the seller is a scammer.
  9. I am ebay-obsessed....I waste too much time...it's like 24 hour shopping
  10. i'm guilty as well.... i'd be a millionaire if i was paid to search and browse and buy on ebay!!!

    it's hard coss sometimes there are alot of things that are just good deals but not that i need them. (but it's a DEAL!!!)

    it's also been a good way for me to sell stuff but somehow amount that i sell my stuff for tends to be too low. i need to work on rectifying that =P
  11. I'll put my hand up too. I have one page on ebay and one on the PF.
    I am obsessed with it, I love hunting out a good deal and am very satisfied when I get something a lot cheaper than retail.
    Sometimes it is the thrill of the hunt that excited me.
    The other day I thought I should get rid of some old clothes I have had in the spare wardrobe (I have dropped a few dress sizes).
    Anyway I just went crazy and starting taking pictures and putting heaps of stuff on, even about 10 ties of my hubbies that he wanted to get rid of, anyway so far I have over AU$1000 and I haven't even made a dint in the stuff I want to sell. I am loving it. Some of the clothes I was going to put out sold like crazy. You know what they say another man's trash is another man's treasure.
  12. Not as obsessed as I use to be because of the scamming. It use to be a nice neighborhood before the criminal element invaded. It has been cleaned up a bit and I still shop there a lot but am much more cautious than before which isn't a bad thing I suppose.
  13. I am obsessed too.I usually get up 10 minutes earlier to watch my wish list before going out.
    and i have to admit i spend too much time during the day specially on weekends.
    I love it. Also i like to see items in France,Spain,Germany,Italy.....
    I know few words in those languages so i can understand a little

    I also like to sell on ebay but not much as buying :yes:
  14. Hey thanks so much for sharing! It's good to know I'm not alone. It's so much fun!
  15. I'm definitely guilty of going on ebay everyday. It's hard not to! I've got so many good deals, and I'm hoping to start selling soon.