Obsessed. Where can I get leopard print pony hair pumps?

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  1. Hello gals!

    Just ordered my first pair of CL's from Bal Harbour Sak's. I found my nude patent 110 yoyo's!
    Well, just browsing through eBay and am in love with the leopard print pony hair in pigalles and or yoyo zeppa orlato prive!
    Are these impossible to find??

  2. There were quite a few leopards at BG late november/december last year. Give them a call and see if they have any left.
  3. ^^I was there this afternoon and unfortunately no more leopards :sad:
    But who knows when someone can return a pair.
  4. Try eBay.
  5. be careful with size if you buy them from eBay. they stretch quite a bit - i had to go down half size
  6. The ones on eBay is mostly the 4 inch version so usually they are true to your US size. The 5 inch version which is super rare runs 1/2 size smaller than your US size (at least this is what I heard). Maybe you can wait for the other people here to give their input.

    Pigalle = eBay good chance you can find one in your size

    Orlato = rare now. I don't even know if they are still making it.
  7. Good luck finding them!
  8. I'm stalking ebay for a pair of the leopard pigalles too but every time one pops up it's either way too big or way too small :crybaby:

    I feel your pain. LOL.
  9. Thanks everyone!
    I am currently stalking ebay and just like "letsgoshopping" the size is either too big or way too small!