Obsessed/ Looking for Neverfull GM MOCA/ Chibi Kinoko

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  1. Hey, i'm new to TPF. I am totally obsessed with the Neverfull. I was off LV for a while but ever since I bought my Neverfull MM Damier Azur, I'm searching for more everyday.

    I'm thinking of a getting a limited ed Neverfull GM, since I missed out on them last year I'm looking at it from eBay. My question is, what is the fair value for a Neverfull GM MOCA/ Chibi Kinoko? That's the bag that was sold at the Museum of Contemporary Art in LA. I think the original price was around 1100 including tax (i'm not sure about this either).

    Can anyone help me out? I'm about to bid on one that's like 2000+, what's a fair value? Thanks much!
  2. That's a tricky question. There are a lot of sellers on ebay that think they can get away with ridiculous prices on limited edition items. The LV MOCA bag is no exception. If you're able to wait, you should. $2,000 sounds like a high price to pay for the LE NF GM. I have the PM size and I wanna say it cost me around $900+ (including tax). Sometimes the 'hunt' is even more exciting than actually getting the prize...if you KWIM. Good luck to you and I hope to see your LV MOCA NF reveal soon!
  3. If it's brand new and not used, the GM size usually goes for around 2K...you can look in the Completed section of auctions for Murakami NFs and see one recently went for 2K. If you can get a new one for below 2K, I would say it's a great deal.
  4. Yea I KWIM... but I want it XD . I think I will wait til I complete the couple of projects that I'm working on and then I'll reward myself.
    I think i've been lovestruck by the neverfull and i want another GM size.
  5. @ MyCocoCabas, thanks I will take your advice and check for the completed auction sections. I'm totally new to TPF so this is all a news to me :P