obsessed already?!

  1. Hi girls, I just received my first LV bag (speedy 25) and I can't believe how cute it is! However i think I'm in trouble...cause I'm already thinking about my next purchase, :nuts:. i was just wondering if you fell in love with LV that quickly.
  2. Yup. Just that quick. :P
  3. Definitely, it's sickenly addictive.. and I wouldn't have it any other way ! :P
  4. Hell Yea! Lv Is Addictive!
  5. the handbag bug has bit you!
  6. It's super addictive.. I want every design, every type of leather! Gah! But it feels great =D
  7. Damn you couldn't have said it better!:love: @ first sight.
  8. unfortunately....yes... oh my poor poor bank account :worried:
  9. Sooo addictive!
  10. congratulations. i just got my speedy 25 today also. it's beautiful. and yes they're very addicting. i can't wait for my next purchase. hopefully it'll be soon.
  11. i was addicted the second i got my first LV!
  12. It's very addictive. I bought a Speedy 30 last week. I loved it so much that I had to get a matching mono french wallet. :love:
  13. I dont know wassup with the speedy monogram LV bags. I mean, its a good size for it's price... BUT just about EVERYONE here in the city carries either a speedy 25 or 30. hmmm IoNo. Its just me.
  14. Unfortunately the same thing happened to me, too. I'm obsessed with a new LV bag all the time.
  15. That's a big reason why I never owned one. I finally came to my senses about the Speedy thanks to this forum. I don't care who carries what. All that matters is that I love it.:biggrin: