Observations on redesigning Coach bags, pockets etc

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  1. Ok so I was noticing and I am sure other people have too

    legacy shoulder bag
    2006 2 front pockets 2007 1 big front pocket

    legacy tote
    2006 slim tote 1 big front pocket 2007 "gigi" 2 front pockets

    2006 legacy top handle pouch 1 big front pocket 2007 version has 2 front pockets

    I wonder if this is the pattern they are following just make it the opposite next year ? It seems they couldn't really do this with Ali so they just made a bag with a longer flap. Also I would love an Ali in pond, are they coming out with any more Ali's ?
  2. i think Ali is history...i hope i'm wrong, but i'm pretty sure she's not coming back.
    i would love an Ali in Juniper!!
  3. OOh that would be so nice !
  4. I thought I heard rumors here that Ali would be back in some summer colors, but I don't know if that is true or not. Judging by the catalogues so far, there is no Ali in sight!
  5. Good observation! If they do bring back the Ali's, I'd love to see Ali's in Pond, Juniper, and Raisin!
  6. Those colors would be great and even better if they changed the hardware to nickle IMO.