Observations of an English girl.

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  1. Every Monday, after my morning class, I venture down into the city centre on my way home. Inevitably, I end up at Harvey Nichols. Sometimes, like today, I see some things that might be of help to my fellow purse forumettes. So I’ll share.

    1) The medium Edith in Whisky is TDF!!! The leather is soft and smooshy, and its so light! The whiskey on this bag is deeper than on the paddy too – more of a cognac almost. I very nearly forgot my balenciaga quest and walked out of the store with it right there and then. The handles on this version will not fit over the shoulder (unless you have very skinny arms), but it feels (to me) light enough that it shouldn’t be a problem.

    2) I love the Paddy! I know – where have I been, right? :lol: But I’ve never had much RL exposure to them, so it was always more of a theoretical love. Now its real. I have seen a couple of the new colours, and some varying styles.

    a) The Zippy in Jaune – yummy, almost lemony colour, bag not as big as I’d expected.

    b) The regular paddy satchel is NOT THAT HEAVY. Sorry for the caps, but I felt it needed the emphasis. I tested two different ones today, just to see what all the talk about weight was, and frankly, the Speedy 30 in my other hand was heavier. Granted there was nothing in it (the paddy, not the speedy), but I was half expecting to have my arm ripped off by the way some people were talking, and it just didn’t happen. And just to get some perspective on my POV, I have terrible shoulders, and have been unable to raise my right arm above shoulder height for the last week, and it still didn’t bother me.

    c) Oh, one more thing. The silver paddy is very pretty, and not an over-the-top metallic. The gold is a bit showy.

    d) The paddy style with all the pockets is a bit weighty, due to the extra hardware around the edges. However, this was secondary to something else – the colour. Amanda, I thought of you as soon as I saw it – mousse! So gorgeous – a sort of gray with quite a greenish cast – sort of like a roiling ocean during a storm (don’t laugh! ;)). If I win the lottery, the regular paddy in that colour is SO mine! :biggrin:

    3) A shorter point this time – the Fendi Spy is smaller than I expected, and the white is…………impossible to compliment its so beautiful. Amazing!

    4) Finally, I’ve seen a couple of the new Bulga colours – the turquoise is stunning, excellent summer colour, and the leather really is like butter.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now. I hope this is helpful, and not just waffle. :shame:
  2. Wow, everything sounds so gorgeous! I wish I could visit Harvey Nichols....will definitely put that on the list of places to visit if I ever make it over there.
  3. Oh, I "met" a small Paddy on Saturday and now, I am yearning to buy one to pet for myself.
  4. Thanks for the info. It's helpful for those of us who don't have access to these great stores that carry these awsome lines. You are our eyes.
  5. I really enjoyed reading this :smile: I've don't have much IRL experience with Chloe since there aren't any stores like that in my home town.

    Thanks for sharing :love:
  6. Like a kid in a candy store, huh! LOL Glad you had fun!!
  7. Greenie, you seriously have no idea. I go in that store every week, fondle all the bags (today I was smelling some of them! :weird:smile:, and leave without buying anything. They probably think I'm crazy! :lol:
  8. lol EG!

    I wish I could 'see/smell' a chloe in real life lol
  9. Love the observations! Thanks englishgirl!
  10. I know how you feel! I was in Saks this weekend and concluded my business and told the SA I'm just going to make another round the dept. before I leave. :wacko:

  11. I enjoyed that "virtual visit" to HN: thanks for the report. ;) Wish I was there again.
  12. Good observations :nuts: You should do a weekly report :P
  13. thanks for the observation. please do keep us posted.
  14. *cries* i want a mousse paddy soooo bad....your description made my heart beat faster!
  15. That is so cute! Don't you just love the fresh smell of leather...I do. :shame: I'm glad you said the Edith was TDF...I called up my local boutique and almost cancelled my pre-order cause I'm tired of waiting for it. :wacko: