Observation while walking in Chicago....

  1. I just got back from a weekend shopping trip in Chicago. I treated myself to a Nova tote and wallet from the Burberry store on Michigan Ave (my first Burberry purchase). Then I began to notice, in the sea of shoppers on the streets, countless Burberry plaid scarves, men women and children but absolutely NO plaid bags. I know plaid is on the way out in Britain but why no PLAID bags in Chicago, but an abundance of plaid scarves:confused1:??????
  2. That is odd...I have one burberry bag and I love it and think its a classic. I want another burberry from the classic line eventually!
  3. Tht is deffinitly true. Everyone has a burberry scarf, but not many nova check bags. I own the manor with cloth, and love it, but it is the closest thing ive ever seem to plaid
  4. Plaid is definately NOT on it's way out in London. Spending 3 1/2 months here, so far now that it's greating colder, I see tons of women wearing burberry scarfs with matching nova check lined coats carrying nova check bags (authentic, there are several icky fakes I've seen too.)! Though Burberry is trying to reinvent its image into something a bit edgier, I'm sure the plaid will remain fashionable.
    You definately invested your money into classic peices, be proud of your buy!