Observation regarding GH and Classic Hardware

  1. Hey everyone,

    I just received my regular hardware handbag and while I DO love it, WILL keep it and ENJOY it....I do have to voice an observation for anyone on the fence about GH. Not that I want everyone buying GH because I think it is more special the less people have it....:p


    Having said that, I have to say the GH Handbags seem to be made very superior to the regular hardware handbags. The zippers are nicer, the hardware is much more substantial (not just larger), the handles are double stitched. It's like they are made by two different companies!

    Not meant to cause a issue about this...just wanted to make that observation.

    As an aside I do love my NEW truffle twiggy...she's cute as can be!!!

  2. Interesting. Can you post some close up pics to show the differences?
  3. :yes::yes: :yes:
  4. Could you post pics of your truffle twiggy too? I would love to see what that style / color combo looks like. Thanks!
  5. some comparison pics would be really great...please please please =)
  6. yes yes, I 'd love to see pics please, if it's not too much trouble! :cutesy:
  7. Hmm. I never really paid that much attention to the differences. I'll definitely look into it! Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the observations:smile: I think that GH bags are extremely well made but I don't own any with classic hardware so can't compare. However, GH bags are more expensive so maybe that's why there is a bit more quality in them but I am not sure.