Oblong Scarf Tag Missing - HELP!!

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  1. Hi again! I went to my nearest Coach store today to buy some accessories, and the Coach Logo Oblong Scarf attracted me due to the colors. I found out it was the last one and so I decided to buy it along with the Hamptons Stripe Ponytail scarf, Sandal Keyfob and 3 Coach cleaners. Anyway, the SA offered to "steam" the Oblong scarf to straighten it, which was fine.

    After waiting ten minutes for her to pack all the items up and steaming the scarf (which was neatly placed inside a box), I left the store. Now when I came home to decide how I'm going to use the scarf, I realize the tag was missing! The tag was attached to the scarf by the time I paid for it, though. I know this because the SA checked the price of the scarf on the tag. I guess it must've dropped when she steamed it?

    I'm so angry because I might not be able to return it if I can't decide how I'm going to use the Oblong scarf due to its long length. What can I do now? Should I go back and complain? That'll be risky! Please help me, I am so upset right now.

    I'm going to another Coach store an hour away from me to return this, since I'm going to do some strolling around the mall there. Please help me!! :crybaby::hysteric:
  2. I'd just call the store that you bought it at and talk to the SA - they probably found the tag after you left or can get you a replacement.
  3. I agree. Maybe have them write down your name, just incase you decide to return it without the tag.

    I doubt you would have any troubles returning it though.
  4. yep,the most convenient way for u is to call coach up and explain the situation..gd luck!
  5. Coach seems to be pretty good with returns, if you can find the same SA, I bet they'd let you return it. Even if they aren't there, if you tell the store your story, I think you can return it... it's probably a common problem with "steaming" scarves.
  6. it's not that big of a deal. coach returns things all the time, and every single day without a tag. as long as it remains NEW AND UNUSED. they will return it for you.
  7. I definitely would call them immediately and explain the situation and they will most likely be fine with it. Good luck!