Obama Tory Burch Tote... and more

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
  2. Designers aren't wasting any time, are they?
  3. wow kind of ridiculous in my opinion (regardless of who is president)
  4. Cute stuff! Thanks for posting! I'm excited for tomorrow!
  5. Wonder what they would've done if McCain won? I don't think they could have fit the TB logo into his name :roflmfao:

    Regardless of who won, IMO I think stuff like that is tacky
  6. ITA...tacky! You wouldn't catch me wearing it!
  7. I actually wouldn't mind the Zac Posen tee, but you're right maybe not so much the Tory Burch tote... I guess it's hard to be stylish and politically outspoken... as a product
  8. this is sooooooooo tacky!!!!
    but i honestly dont want to start about politics...and better yet politics mixed with designer clothing...dont get me started on that either!
    why would i or anyone else want to wear a president's name on his/her sleeve? bag? top? comn...seriously...id get egged eventually by someone who is againt the current or past or wheneve president politician senator etc...this should be illegal!
  9. I think the Zac Posen tee is adorable :tup: It's far better then the ones street vendors are selling here in DC. Think I'm off to get one, thanks OP for posting :yes:
  10. Some is tacky, but some stuff is cute, I really like the Zac Posen tee!
  11. I like the Zac Posen tee, it's just nonchalant.

    however, I do think this adds to the "Celebrity" of Obama.
  12. agree:yes:
  13. The date of an inauguration on a tee adds to the "Celebrity" :shrugs: :confused1:
  14. When I was in Bangkok, roughly 50% of Thai people(of all ages) were wearing the same shirt-a yellow/gold polo shirt meant to honor the king. So I guess in some countries political clothing would not be considered tacky but normal.
    Fashion wise I like the Zac Posen tee best. I dont really carry canvas totes, but I think they could be cute on the beach.
  15. :tup:LOVE the tee!:tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.