Obama in '08 - who's with me?!!

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  1. I adore him, but I think he should wait till 2012. I'm really torn on this. He told the people of Illinois (we lived there till May) he'd serve his full term as senator. He's still young.

    I agree with you that he's a special man and seems like the type to work with others and not just put politics ahead of everything.
  2. He would definitely have my vote! :yes:
  3. I love him, but unfortunately to win the election, he needs the male southern vote- and sadly, he won't get it.
  4. He seems like a great guy to me!
  5. You're right Roo, but I think he will fare better than Hilary Clinton in that aspect. I'm not much on politics but 2008 will definitely be interesting!
  6. No, he just got to Chicago and now he's ready to run for Prez - no thank you!!!! How about his wife's so-called promotion from the UofC hospital she works for - a sudden promotion!

    Hospital defends promotion, raise for senator Obama's wife
    (via chicagotribune.com) – Officials at the University of Chicago Hospitals on Tuesday explained a large salary jump for Sen. Barack Obama's wife shortly after he took office as a normal promotion that reflected expanded duties in her job as a liaison with the South Side community surrounding the medical center

    ...certainly sounds fishy to me!!!
  7. I really like him, but the overall reaction most people I know, and myself, has been that 2012 is better. I'd hate for him to run too early and lose his chances instead of building his image and experiences up. Everyone I know seems to love him though.

    btw, I'm not really sure why his wife getting a promotion is fishy...??
  8. I love him, but I agree that he should wait until 2012.

    Why is it fishy for his wife to get a promotion?... maybe she really did deserve it and the timing was a coincidence? What would strike me as unfair is if the U of Chicago decided NOT to give her a promotion she deserves for fear of bad publicity or being accused of favoritism.
  9. I feel bad for him. He will not be president any time soon, because of the color of his skin. I wouldn't vote for him personally, because I feel like it's a waste of a vote.
  10. Oh! When I first saw the title of this thread I read: OSAMA in '08. Needless to say I was alarmed.

    Never mind. Carry on.
  11. I'd vote for him, but I'm not sure that he'll win. He needs more time in office, and should run in '12.
  12. :roflmfao:
  13. I'm in Illinois too, and though I do relish the idea of having a politician in office who's not a crook (we're running awfully low on those in Illinois), I'd support him in '08. I think if he doesn't get the nomination in '08 it will be Hillary, and I don't think Hillary can win. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to see a woman president, but she's such a politico (politica?) and I think she's going to have trouble winning over the country. And I shudder to think of another Republican administration, especially since the incumbent will run again in 2012 and most likely win (as incumbents do). So even though 2012 might be ideal, I would rather have him run in a year without an incumbent candidate.
  14. vanojr, I like your analysis of the situation and it's exactly why I'm torn about Obama running in 2008. I agree that Hillary is such a polarizing figure--she would get out the conservative vote for her opponent like crazy! And yet I wonder when the U.S. will catch up to the other countries who already have had female leaders!!?? It's so frustrating. Whichever party wins the White House in '08, as you said, has the power of the incumbent and would be favored to win in 2012. Around and around in my head the thinking goes.

    Yeah, Illinois is a cesspool for politicians, isn't it? A parade of governors have ended up in prison and George Ryan will be the next to go. Looks like people very close to Gov. Blago... are in trouble currently. Both parties in IL, with the exception of a few people, make me sick. Barack Obama is a breath of fresh air.

    Wow, didn't mean to go on a rant!! :rant:
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