Obaji Q - Need a prescription?


Piggy Fajita
Sep 19, 2007
I see cows and hills
I'm just wondering if I need to see a doctor (licensed to prescribe obaji) to get the obaji products or can I buy them somewhere (not illegally - if thats the case)? I looked at thier website and I cant buy the products off the website.
I actually rather see a licensed doctor for these products, becuz there is soooo many different lines that I dont even know where to begin. So for those of you ladies who have the Obaji products or are using them, how did you find your doctor? Does insurance cover the doctor visit or do you just find a phsyician on the website and pay the full doctor visit fee plus the products? Did anyone get these through thier insurance???

I'm so sick of my pimples and uneven/dry/oily skin. I've used almost everything out there and nothing helps. I go through periods of good skin weeks and then it gets ugly.


May 18, 2007
Hi. I believe certain Obagi products require a scrip and others do not. I used Obagi C-RX and had to have a scrip. I think you can buy some of their products at high-end spas/salons. There is an office down the street from me that does minor plastic surgery and skin care procedures (chemical peels, laser treatments, cellulite treatments, etc.). The consultation with their skin care expert was free of charge and the Obagi system was $350, which I paid out-of-pocket.


Jan 23, 2008
Yeah, the Obaji systems are expensive as hell.

I worked in a plastic surgeon's office, and I don't remember anyone ever needing an Rx for it, because everyone just paid cash and took the system with them. I don't think it's something your insurance will cover. Usually stuff like that is basic elective stuff.

The products last about as long as any other tube of skin cleanser, etc. So you have to keep buying...