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  1. Does anyone use the Obagi system I am on my fith week now to clear up acne and acne scars. I am still red and peeling but there are no new pimples. Let me know about your results.
  2. Try exfoliating, and tell me what happens!!

    I want this line soooo badd!!!
  3. I used the whole line 3 years ago when my acne was really bad and I had black heads on both cheeks! After I exfoliated and had my blackheads removed profesionally, the obagi worked great to smooth out my skin and take the redness out and clear up my skin. I say give it more time! It is my favorite product and highly recommend it.
  4. Thanks, I do like the product it has given me a real glow that I have never had before, I just can't wait until the peeling stops.
  5. I really want to try this line also perhaps after I finish all my meds from my dermatologist I will shift to obagi. I have some relatives that have been using it for sometime and oh lalala, skin is so clear and glowing....
  6. I saw this line at on a medispa website. I feel like I have tried everything even though I know I haven't. My doc just gave me same antibiotics and a cream to use at night. I am still looking for that one line that really works for me. This might be the next stop. Please tell more about your experiences. Thanks
  7. Obagi is not for sensitive skin or people with thin skin. Both my dermatologist and facialist say it's too harsh.
  8. I used to work for a plastic surgeon and we sold the Obagi system. I liked it at first because it was something new and it did kinda work but I hated the peeling process and it really cooked my skin when I would be in the sun. Living in Florida it's kind ahard to avoid any sun exposure. Another line you should try is Neostrata and Bio Medic it's not as harsh but also gives you that glow.
  9. Hi! Randr21 was right...it's pretty harsh on sensitive skin. The first time I used it I turned pink & a little burn...I guess it depends on your skin type. I stop using it since.

  10. My skin was way too sensitive as well. But I know LOTS of people that have great results, I actually may have to check out a few of the other lines you guys are suggesting that are for more sensitive skin.

    I used Obagi for about 4 weeks and had to stop, my skin just couldn't take it.
  11. wow! coincidently, i just started day one yesterday on my Obagi system.. :biggrin: My skin felt sooooooooo great after I cleansed it...but we'll see what happens for the long last results. :smile:
  12. Obagi is just a fancy way of applying Retin-A .1% and Hydorquinone 4%. You can just have your doctor write a script for both of them and apply it every night on clean dry skin. Mix one pea size of Retin-A with one pea size of Hydroquinone on the back of you hand. Once mixed apply evenly, keep away from the corners of your eyes, nose, and lips to avoid penetration in to those crevices.

    All of the other products are unnecessary in my opinion.You don't need three different products with hydroquinone. The exfoderm can enhance the results, but you can enhance your own results by using more Retin-A. Remember...no moisturizer. Don't start and stop the program or you will never get through the peeling. Use a oil-free sunscreen without alot of moisture. I like Neutrogena's line. Get the real sunscreen, not a fluffy moisturing facial one. Use as little make-up as possible, it makes the peeling look worse. Also..use a baby wash with your mild cleanser in small a circular gentle motion to get the peelies off.

    Good luck.
  13. my mom's skin was wrecked by Obagi. the peeling lasted forever, and then whenever we went out, she was burned, even with sunscreen on. and its always sunny in California
  14. Wow, So far I have no problems with this line. Its treated my skin very well and I my blemishes have impoved so much that I don't even need to wear foundationg anymore!

    I guess it just depends on whos using it and what skin type.

    I have oily/combin...
  15. I have had a great response with Obagi products...but I have only used the Obagi Nu Derm Clear #3 and the gentle cleanser. It has done a great job getting rid of my sun spots and ance scars. I also use Retin A with my Obagi products as well.