OBAGI worth the pain of looking like a snake peeling of it's skin"

  1. Calling all obagi users!!

    I am going to see the PS next week to get a consultation on Obagi. But I have been to many forums and have read that you get red, and peel and all sorts of horrible things but in the end. . .it works!

    I'd like to use it for acne scar removal, but at the same time I am still a student. Is the peeling that bad? I have a feeling I will be extremely self conscious and stop using it and waste all of my money becasue of the side effects.

    Any other side effects? Does it work for removing light scars? Thanks!!
  2. works. My cousin did the obagi blue peel a few months before her wedding and her face was FLAWLESS.
  3. ^^ Wow you should go into the advertising business, because you just sold me, I guess its worth the pain of looking like a ball of wax for the next couple of months. . .
  4. It is gross with all the peeling. you will peel over your entire face and it does burn alot in the beginning. In the end it is worth it, it helped get rid of a few of my acne scars and alot of my freckles. The only that sucked was that since I am dark (I am Native AMerican) my face is alot lighter than my entire body! I just use bronzer and i am fine but otherwise I look like a freak When I do not use bronzer.
    BUT the most important thing to remember is use sunnscreen AND a hat during treatment and after treatment. All of my freckles came back because I am out in the sun alot. But yes, it is worth i t!!!
  5. My mom and her friends are loyal Obagi users. My mom's dermatologist even started carrying the line in her office after seeing the results on my mom.
  6. It's painful, unsightly but it works! There are so many lotions/steps to follow, my Derm had a chart for me to follow. Just make sure you put a very sparing amount of Retin-A around the side of your nose and mouth, you'll thank me for it :yes: Also, consider when you want to start this process, since it takes a good 3-5 months to complete.
  7. oh, also forgot to mention. My sister and I got ALOT of blackheads! There are so many steps to this program that you will look very shiny. And like the other poster mentioned, use very sparingly around your nose and mouth area!!
  8. no..trust me. It does wonders. Shes a RN, 27yo..has been in the medicial field for the last 10 years and tryed all sorts of stuff..she is very pale skinned ( for being a afgani girl) and dosent have break outs, but has the occassional one which left marks on her face.she did the obagi blue peel and used the system and OMG...I saw her and almost fell off my chair...I can probably find before and after shots for you..just Pm me your email.

    Im doing the blue also, I think its 75$ for the consultation and then depending on how many layers you need it can be upto $2000.00..but with definite results, its a must. I think a little bit of peeling is normal because of the type of procedure..but if you do it when you have a week off like spring break or a week of vacation...it would be perfect....