OBAGI to open in rodeo

  1. I was walking around rodeo drive the other day and I saw they were opening an obagi store end of july/early august. Anyone used OBAGI products? I hear they work really well for your skin.
  2. I havn't used Obagi, but I've heard good things as well!!
  3. Haha, I just heard about them on bryanboy's site.
    I wanntt them urgg.
  4. Thanks for the replies! I dont want to spend so much money to "try it out".
  5. I have tried the daily cleanser/toner, sunscreen and the blender (mixed with an Rx cream) to get rid of acne scars. Nothing but good things to say about Obagi :love::love:
  6. I used it a few years ago and really liked it but unfortunately the bottles aren't air travel friendly (due to cabin pressure and you can't totally screw it on tight) so I gave it up. Depends on what you're planning on using. Some of their basic cleansers and moisturizers are ok, but I could find cheaper alternatives, but their 4% HQ products worked great and have heard good things about their vit C line. Some people are sensitive/allergic to HQ, then I'd go slowly and make sure you can tolerate it. My face was red for a while but took care of my sunspots!
  7. I think i'm going to give it a try. I have really bad acne right now. :crybaby: But if my skin gets irritated I guess I'll have to stop. :sad:
  8. obagi irritated my skin
  9. ^^ What skin type do you have and what products caused your irritation? I have oily/dry skin.
  10. I have oily acne prone skin. I tried Obagi and it was a huuuuge mistake for me. I ended up with awful awful skin! It made my face look terrible(ended up with pimples all over and new scars). I originally went on the system to clear up old acne scars and it just wreaked havoc on my face. I was on the oily/strong system using Tazorac--highest dosage, but I didn't experience any of the peeling or redness I was told to expect. There was minimal peeling--only breakouts and more breakouts. I stayed on it for 4 months to try to give it a chance. I am now trying to *fix* the damage done using laser treatments/etc. I've heard that others have had amazing results, though, so I may be the minority. I think it's definitely a YMMV type of thing.
  11. OBAGI saved my skin.

    I wish I was willing to show a before. It was just terrible. I have this picture that I thought was taken on a "good skin day" and omg it is so bad that it makes me cry.

    But as a last resort I went to Obagi. It's so fabulous. It does make you break out at first and you will flake but it's worth it. My skin looks so dewy and healthy. It has been great for about 2 years now. I recommend it to anyone who will listen.

    PS...I haven't ever had a problem traveling with it! Do you take it in your carry on? Everyone should take their face stuff in their carry on b/c it gets too hot in the cargo hold and it can wreck your stuff! When you pay good money for stuff it isn't a good idea to let it spoil like that!!

    If you have any Obagi questions, feel free to PM me I am a huge believer!:yes:
  12. Oh wow! My mom sells OBAGI products at her store....and its supposively only avail at dermatologists?

    I think I'll give it a try. My skin isn't that great. I have oily skin and bad blackheads that I have to get rid of about 4 times a week!!!!
  13. I drove past Obagi today on my way to Spago...looks so well-stocked and clean! Obagi is really reputable in Asia in terms of controlling sebum and blemishes really well, but because Asian skin differs so much from Caucasian, Hispanic and African American skin, I'm not sure if it would work as well...
  14. no no it works on everyone b/c its aim is to correct all skin...it will eventually get all skin to the end point of brilliant skin. in the office i buy it everyone uses it and they all have fabulous skin and of course i use it and approve of it!:yes:
  15. I've heard so much about OBAGI. Does it really work???