Obagi Skincare System - Medical Grade System

  1. I am looking for a medical grade skincare system, anyone used Obagi? The C-system? Nu-Derm? Any additional medical grade lines you recommend?
  2. I have tried Obagi and personally had horrible results. DH tried it as well with not so great results. I have read on this forum and talked to a lot of people who love it. My skin went crazy and started breaking out with cystic acne which I've never had. I went back with my Cetaphil and my skin is happy again. I think it must work for some people and some not. Based on the majority, I would try it if I were you.
  3. TRY IT!!! I am one of those people who tried everything...some things worked for a bit then stopped. 3 years on Obagi, still clear. Everyone at the plastic surgeon's office uses it and loves it. Just give it a try but please give it enough time to work ok??? And keep us updated!!

  4. I use the Obagi Clear...the skin bleaching cream and the gel cleanser for the past couple years and love it. I have also used the Jan Marini C'esta cream and the bioclear and liked that as well.
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