Obagi Skincare Line For Troubled Skin - Anyone Tried It With Good Results?

  1. I recently bought the line and wonder if anyone has tried it with good results?
  2. I use the foaming cleanser and toner. I used to use the vitamin C serum, but it made my skin too oily.

    I really like the products I use, though.
  3. Just want to add my 2 cents, :p

    My mom is using this line, and by now, she's happy with it.

    IMHO, Her face becomes better than before - fresher, healthier, and firmer...

    However sometimes it looks reddish because of the peeling effect from the product (the blender i think??). but, as long as you follow the doctor's procedure..., and use the sunscreen, you should be fine.. ;)

    for the eye treatment (elasticderm?? - CMIIW), she told me that this eye cream is excellent. Her lines on the eye area are showing signs to fade, just within 1 week usage..

    I also heard from my auntie, the blue peel works wonder on her sis in law... (she had to avoid suns for days though..)

    You can check on makeupalley.com for more reviews!

    Good luck....! Hope you'll get an excellent result too.. ;)
  4. Is anyone else doing this? I started about 1 1/2 weeks ago. I am bright red and moulting :sad: I could use some moral support (I am not an animal.....)
  5. I tried Obagi but it was too hard for me. A plastic surgery friend of mine recommended it to me but I started using it right at hte beginning of summer. I self tan my face so my body and face will be the same color (since I wear a ton of sunscreen on my face and just let my body tan) and I couldn't make it through the first month b/c I couldn't wear self tanner. After the first month the redness and peeling should go away. I know 4 or 5 people that have used it consistently and loved the results. It reduces the lines in your face and any sunspots and whatnot should disappear.
  6. dolly, just stick with it. Try to minimize your usage if it is too harsh on your face. Like once every couple of days until your skin adapts to it. Your skin will get very bad before it gets very good. Also don't forget sunscreen.
  7. Thanks guys :smile: I definitely feel fortunate that I started in the winter Sonoz. I could not have handled this in the summer either. Thank god I can pretty much work all day and see no one lol!!

    HubbaWubba, I am forcing myself to stick with it because I've heard such great things. but it IS testing my will. :push: My husband bought it for me after I begged lol so I can't quit anyway, he'll never let me forget it

    :shame: <--- I kind of look like this today actually!!
  8. everyone i know who use it loved ittt
  9. My sister had really bad acne and acne scars she went to the dermatologist and she recommended obagi. After a month the results were great! Her scarring has seriously reduced. I bought the obagi products I don't use them everyday because my skin is very sensitive but I have seen alot of changes in my skin. I love it. :ps:
  10. I used the bleaching cream since I want to be more fair and I was red for a few days. The product takes time for you to get used to it since it's quite strong and the result is obvious. I haven't resumed it yet but I will do that as soon as I know I wont be exposed to the sun too much.
  11. Thanks so much Ch3rrybl0ss0ms for your feedback, especially about the Eye treatment. Is your Mom still loving this product :confused1: My Dermatologist just recommended the eye cream to me since I am in my early 30s & it's time to kick up my skin care regiment, so I can prevent things EARLY...any feedback you have would be great or if anyone else would like to share.

    TIA :tup:

  12. Anybody got any feedback :confused1: Oh...please share before I go broke trying this :push:
  13. They really push this line at my plastic surgeon's office. I haven't tried it, though. I'm so happy with what I normally use that I'm afraid to switch.
  14. Thanks so much GnomeNisse for your feedback...hopefully others will share a little more info on the eye cream :confused1: Also, if you don't mind me asking, which brand do you use :confused1: