Obagi-Nu Derm System

  1. The amount of peeling is also related to how much peeling needs to get done! The idea is to remove all the dead top layers of skin which, as you get older, build up more and more. So, if you're younger, there's not as much peeling to be done. I was pretty shocked by how much dead stuff had built up on my face. I've been confused at the six month point, though, as to how much of the retinol to use (I'm at the six month mark) on a daily basis.

    I didn't know that part about no moisturizer - the doctor where I got the system did not explain as well. So, thanks.
  2. Thanks for posting your experiences with the Obagi Nu Derm system. Is anyone out there using it now?
  3. I'm on my 12th day of the Obagi Nu Derm. So far, so good. The redness, the burning, the slight itching, and the massive peeling really is quite something. I didn't go out to see anyone at all for 4 days. Now, I've stopped caring. Hahhaa. I just hope it really works though.

    My dermatologist told me not to put it on the corners of my nose, around my eye area and the corners of my mouth. But does anyone know if it it can be applied on the upperlip area?
  4. I have 2 age spots that are visible w/make-up on. I have very sensitive skin so I was hesitant to spend $400 on the system. My Dr suggested I try the Tretinoin .05% as a spot treatment but it made my skin very itchy & red. I still continued using it believing that I would notice a difference but after 2 months of burning, itching, and peeling I saw no change. Then I tried using the Blender PM & I love the stuff. In about 2 weeks my age spots were visibly lighter. With continued use I would say that the spots are about 75% lighter.
  5. I'm not sure if I just never took notice before...but I've recently discovered 3 tiny new moles on my face after using Obagi for 2+weeks. Has anyone had any similar experience on this? I'm kindda getting worried now... TIA
  6. Bumping this thread because I just started Obagi NuDerm about one week ago. So far, my biggest complaint is that my face is itchy and red in spots. It's also quite dry (that "tight" feeling). I've had a little flaking/peeling, but nothing major. Prior to the Obagi NuDerm system, I've been using a prescription Retin-A (Refissa) off and on. I've also used other products with hydroquinone. I wonder if perhaps, the side effects that are typical of Obagi users, might be less because I've used some of the ingredients before? When can I expect my face to stop feeling sore, itchy, and dry? And finally, what about moisturizer? I don't use a moisturizer in conjunction with the system (because it is not a part of the protocol), but it would be nice to add some moisture to my face once in a while.
  7. I'm on obagi with retin-a in the evening and haven't experienced itching. But, my derm says if itching occurs to apply a little moisturizer before the am or pm creams.

    Obagi also has an anti itch cream, Tolereen: Contains 0.5% hydrocortisone for the temporary relief of itching and burning associated with minor skin irritations.
    2.0 oz (57 g).
  8. This thread is very interesting. I have some light pigmentation & am considering going to see a local dermatologist that uses this system.

    Do you need to use strong sunscreen after using Obagi? I've never used anything on my skin appart from very mild soap & a basic moisturiser with spf15. I'm 40 now. & starting to show a few signs of aging. I just feel so cautious & worry about gaining any redness by irritating the skin.
  9. Yes, you need a high SPF after using Obagi (but really, you need a high SPF no matter what your skin care routine is). Keep in mind though, that hyper pigmentation can (and does) occur even with the use of sunscreen.
  10. Thanks for this. I have a patches of pigmentation on my forhead & jawline. Not too noticeable but I don't want it to get worst.
  11. I did NuDerm last year--19 weeks total, if I am remembering correctly. The "tight" feeling lasted for me for the first 2-3 weeks, accompanied by some minor flaking/peeling. About from week 4 until the end, I was RED and had alternating periods of flaking, tightness, itching, and sorness; particularly around my eyes and mouth. RED to the point that people continually asked me what was wrong with my face (I didn't want to admit that I was actually PAYING to do this to myself, so I fibbed and alleged "skin reactions"). I did not use a moisturizer at all--I have dry skin to begin with and typically use a moisturizer, so this was difficult for me. When the side effects became too much, I would skip a night as well as the Exfoderm the following morning. Like another poster mentioned, there is an approved cream that can be used in conjunction with NuDerm.

    Like you, I used Retin-A for a few years prior to NuDerm. The amounts of Retin-A and hydroquinone prescribed for the protocol, in addition to the Exfoderm, are responsible for the fantastic results of the system. Unfortunately, you have to just plug along.
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    Alexis77 How is you skin now? Has the redness faded? Has the system worked on the problems you had & resolved them? Has this treatment thinned your skin or permanently increased redness (my great worry)? Please tell us more, many thanks.

    I'm seriously considering using this system when funds allow.
  13. Thanks for your response. I've noticed that some days my face feels/looks fine and then goes back to red and sore again. Were you happy with your overall results?
  14. tiffanystar and vhdos--I LOVE my skin now and it was worth the money and the discomfort. My hyperpigmentation and dark spots from old acne are gone. My skin tone is bright and even and has a luminosity it never had before. I had cystic acne throughout my teenage years and into my mid-20s, so actually liking my skin is a novel concept. I endured many years of topical and oral treatments and even accutane to treat the acne. Using Retin-A has kept my skin clear, but I wasn't happy with the clarity, texture, and all of the brown marks on my face. My skin was finally blemish free, but looked dull and dirty due to the hyperpigmentation. It looked tired, for a lack of a better explanation. I'm in my mid-30s now and have the skin I never thought I could.

    The redness subsided when I stopped using the entire system, and I have not experienced any permament redness or thinning. I have fair skin, and have always used a strong sunblock daily since my teen years due to photosensitivity from the acne meds. I now use the Clear followed by the Blender mixed with Retin-A once per week to maintain my results, as advised by my Dermatologist.

    vhdos--my face was also unpredictable throughout the treatment. I am so happy with the results and never would have thought that I could achieve them without undergoing a deep peel. Gone are my days of wearing heavy foundation and trying to cover up dark marks with numerous concealers. I wear a tinted physical sunblock (Elta MD SPF41) for work for a polished look. On casual days, I simply use the Obagi NuDerm Sun Shield SPF50. I actually get complimented on my skin now. NEVER happened before. I was at a craft fair today and while making a purchase, the vendor said "you have the most beautiful skin." I was so giddy! My harshest skin critic over the years has been my Mother. I didn't see her at all during the treatment. I saw her about one month after I finished it, she was in shock--she kept commenting on it and looking very closely.

    It is expensive. It is uncomfortable. It does feel lonely when you look like a red reptile. It is embarrassing going to work looking like that. But, it truly works. Quite frankly, we all give others too much credit--a few weeks after finishing the treatment, NOBODY will remember that you were red and flaky for a little bit of time.

    Good Luck to both of you. If you have any other questions about my experience, I'm willing to answer them.
  15. I've never had a problem with acne, but I use the system to treat the sun damage on my face. I'm also hoping that it will help with my overall skin tone and fine lines.
    I had quite a bit of flaking yesterday. I gently used my Clarisonic before bed last night and that seemed to help remove some of it. Even though I've only been using the system for a couple of weeks, I can already notice a difference in my skin. It feels smooth and looks brighter. I took a picture of the hyper pigmentation on my cheeks so that I can compare it to my final results.