Obagi-Nu Derm System

  1. I have very light hyperpigmentation on my one cheek but was always told my Mother on the first signs of this go to dermatologist because it will get worse.

    So I went to the dermatalogist, who recommended the Obagi Nu Derm System plus Retinol (Obagi). Said my case was too light to recommend any more severe treatment (such as Laser). Further, she said Obagi works really great on Asian skin in her experience. Thus, I came home with $400 worth of skin care products I have to use twice a day.

    Anyhow, was wondering if anyone else have or currently using this sytem? Your thoughts? Complaints? Warnings?

    I guess its too late to return the prodcut if I read massive complaints.. I should of posted here first !
  2. I LOVE obagi!! just be sure to use your sunscreen. you will peel at first but that's part of the process. don't stop using it, you have to keep using it during the peeling part. when i say peel, i just mean little pieces of dry skin. nothing too bad. you will love the results though! good luck!
  3. err sorry for all the typos !!

    I typed it really fast and forgot to edit !!

  4. I am still on it off and on for the last year. My skin peeled ALOT! Try not to put so much around your mouth and nose area- those areas are really prone to peel the most.
    It is a awesome system and don't forget your sunscreen! ALso, the best makeup to use with this system is mineral (jane Iredale) becuase it is light and gentle on your skin.
    BTW, if you are interested in a cheaper alternative to the toner (step 2) AVONs vitamin charger is the best and only $2.99!
    hope you enjoy it!
  5. OH another quick question.

    What type of moisturizer did you use? and did you use it at end of regime or prior to the last step (the sunblock w/o the fader)?
  6. I use # 4 and then # 6 obagi in the morning..
    I love obagi.... and it got alot a compliment after using it. Good luck, hang in their, it tough in the beginning/transition phrase.
  7. i have the system and have been using it since sept last year. While it helped reduce my acne, i think it takes a while to fade my acne marks:sad: i didn't get much peeling on my skin, except when i use it together with retinoid.
  8. If you have rx insurance you can get a presciption for some of the products as an alternative. Its just his name on the nu-derm system. I love his gentle cleanser. I just visited Dr. Obagi recently, he's great.
  9. I've started using Obagi for about 3 months now and I notice that my scars have faded little by little. I don't have any problems with peeling at all maybe it's because of my oily skin?
  10. Do you still use moistureizer? If so, do you use it before the control products (Sun Fader-screen/Sunscreen) is put on? and any recommendations for type of lotion. I think my doctor said anything as long as gentle.
  11. I use DDF matte moistureizer sometimes before I put on Obagi clear. I like DDF matte because it helps my skin from getting oily throughout the day.
  12. you are NOT supposed to use a moisturizer!! that actually stops the process so you are just putting the stuff on your face for nothing. it's too expensive for that to happen!!

    whenever i was too "itchy" from peeling, i would put on a small bit of Tolereen...which is the "least strong" so it won't completely stop your process. i hope that makes sense!!

    the whole goal of the system is to bring yoru skin to it's normal healthy state. supposidly, normal healthy skin doesn't need moisturizer. i have been using obagi for over 3 years now and haven't used moisturizer in all that time. my skin looks dewy and looks HEALTHY. i didn't like the idea of no moisturizer whenever i heard about it, but i'm a believer now!!!
  13. This is the strange part. I've only used it twice (followed instructions 100%) , and skin is not dry nor peeling/flaking. This is strange since, I usually need tons of moisturizer or I get dry patches.

    Last night was the first time I used Obagi (no nightcream/moisturizer), and when I woke up my skin felt dewy , not dry, not oily but just dewy. :shrugs:

    Maybe, the peeling will start after multiple application. I hope it works, I'm thinking if it doesn't make me peel, its not doing its job.
  14. after 2 days it should start peeling , my did. i use it off and on too.
  15. The peeling is related to how much RetinA is used. I did the Obagi system prabably 8 years ago, I went to Dr. Obagi's office in B.H., consulted with him for a couple of minutes and then I was handed off to his associate. In retrospect, they prescribed a lot of RetinA for daily use, and I peeled like a burn victim a couple of days into the treatment. I liked the final results but it was a painful experience, and I was constantly red and peeling, not very attractive!!