Obagi Nu-Derm --still red & peeling @ 6 weeks?!?

  1. Well i have heard much promise of this system and decided to give it a try --- i finally am starting to see results at 6 weeks, nothing...i mean nothing was ever able to get rid of the huge blackheads on my nose (and i have tired everything) like Obagi

    but i am still so red and peeling - to the point where i want to wear a mask when i leave the house -- it looks like a really bad sunburn

    any other Obagi users out there? - please let me know this stage will end soon?!?!?
  2. Which one are you using? Did you get it from a doctor or over the net? I would say cut back on usage if it is still red and peeling. Try it half as often as you are using it. It is strong stuff. I only had peeling for like a week and half, then i was fine. Now I use it like twice a week and I am really thrilled with the results. YOU MUST use sunscreen with it because your skin is sensitive to the sun and it will only prolong your healing. BTW, it takes about 6-8 weeks for it to really work. Just keep up with the system.
  3. I peeled for 3 months. It is perfectly normal. I used to 2 times a day then cut it down to once a day. It got rid of your blackheads? It GAVE me a bunch of blackheads!
  4. wow does this obagi stuff really work? i'd hate to be red and peeling for soooo long. i use the natura bisse glycolic peel and it is gentle yet effective.
  5. I use some of the Obagi products. They're really potent. Is it possible for you to make a dermatologist appointment and get professional advice on what to use?

    I've never used the series that makes one peel, but six weeks sounds like a long time to me.
  6. it's normal. i have a co-worker that is currently doing this program and she got it from her daughter who works for a dermatoglist. she's always talking about how her face itches and burns and how much longer she has to endure it but that it will be worth it in the end. i asked her if it will always itch, burn and flake and she said eventually towards the end the skin will get used to it.

    oh and by the way, my co-worker thinks she looks absolutely awful too but i dont' think she does! at first i thought she had just been tanning because her face was a lot more red than usual, but not to the point of looking like she had a sunburn 24/7, althought she thought she looked like that. so you might not look as bad as you think you do.
  7. i got all my products form my dermatologist - and she is montioring my progress every month - i dont know how people just order off the internet and do everything themselves - i believe you do need the professional advice to get you thru this!!