Obagi CLENZIderm system??

  1. Has anyone tried this Obagi "CLENZIderm" system?? Does it work?
    I am really looking into a good, good, good system for my face. I dont have a lot of Acne, I would say Mild acne, but it bothers me sooo much! And I cant seem to find anything that works, so I was going to invest in this system if I can get some good feedback. So...anyone?? TIA!
  2. I haven't tried this Obagi system, but I do use several other Obagi products for my oily skin and I think they are top-notch.
  3. I have been using this for over a month. I think it is fantastic. I had pimples that wouldn't go away then i tried this and its really good. It does dry out your skin to the point of peeling when you first use it. It also tends to bleach your hair. I thought i was getting grays until i realized it was the Obagi products. So now i don't put it so close to my hairline now. By the way, proactive did not work for me.
  4. Thanks so much!! I will be investing in this....AFTER my birthday! I wouldnt want to look like a snake on my birthday! lol.
  5. I am using it too, and it's fantastic. I saw some clogged pores clear up after just one use! It does make you very dry, but if you use it just at night and wear a good moisturizer during the day it shouldn't be much of a problem.

    It also might make your skin sting/turn red after the first few uses, but you will get used to it!