Obagi C Sunguard Sunscreen anyone?


Oct 12, 2007
Hi Ladies,

I have super fussy skin when it comes to sunscreen and I"m researching now all the ones that I think are worthwhile to try. I just read excellent reviews on the Obagi and was wondering if anyone tried?

I didn't have success with the Obagi skincare line (too harsh) but am thinking that maybe the Sunguard C might be different.

I"m also thinking of trying Shiseido or a more natural based as well like Boscia from Sephora.

Aah, too many choices.
ALL feedback welcome!

I did notice the Cancer Society has placed their seal of approval on the Ogagi sunguard which is nice.


Mar 14, 2009
I tried the Obagi Sunguard about 5-6 years ago and did not like it.
The formulation may have changed because it did not have the "C" in the name back then.

What I didn't like is it was very thick and hard to rub in. With hindsight I am guessing it was a sunblock with either zinc oxide or titanium oxide in it. I just googled the ingredients of the one you are talking about and see that an active ingredient is 9% zinc oxide.

Since this one has zinc oxide too I would suggest trying it first to see if you like it.