1. What season is it from?
  2. spring 2005, I believe.:yes:
  3. I don't know, but I had it for breakfast this morning!

    (sorry, I'm very bored today) :smile:
  4. Spring/Summer 2004.
  5. I had one of those days yesterday. Thanks for the laugh!:roflmfao:
  6. :p Ok Frances.....What are you eyeballing?!? :heart: Emmy
  7. ;) hehehe. If she joins the fam I'll post pictures here asap! I'm eyeballing a couple things actually, just trying to make a smart decision. I NEED something white or ivory for spring/summer.
  8. I saw that Kristen Bag...although it has the huge MARC JACOBS written on it in Oatmeal and I LOVE THE COLOR! I'm looking for the same thing for spring/summer!!
  9. I have a large Multipocket in Oatmeal and loovvee it! Best casual bag evarrr:heart:

    Good thing you're in a silly mood cause this is the only picture i have of mine, lmao. It's the dood from Candyland!!

  10. it's really pretty
  11. sammydoll--I love that picture! Rock on Candyland!!
  12. I have a small MP in Oat, but I soooo wish I would have gotten the large now.
  13. I love that lg oatmeal mp!!!!! Frances..whatever you are getting..:graucho: ...get 2.....I'll go down w/ the ship right next to you!!!! :heart: Emmy
  14. yeah I def want something in oatmeal. A blake, or preferably a venetia. I think I'd be more likely to find a blake, if I could find anything in oatmeal now at all. =/ I don't want anything off of eBay. I'm too scared. I'll probably check the off 5th's in jersey this weekend.... I wish I could get 2 emmy!!
  15. OK Frances you go girl...I expect a FULL REPORT when you get back lol!!!
    Good luck!! Remember...get a good night sleep..you'll need your energy!!!
    :heart: Emmy