Oatmeal/Mastic OR Sandstone?

  1. Okay.. I've seen them both next to each other, but I just can't make a decision. LOL. Anyone like one more than the other? Someone help me be less indecisive. LOL.

    There is a Oatmeal Day bag that I like (preferred style) and a Sandston Flat Messenger bag that I've been looking at.... what do you all think? :smile:

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Stars...sounds like you have a difficult choice ahead. They both sound like winners. But...my vote would be for the Oatmeal Day. You like the color aspect in both but you prefer the style of the Day. Which is very different from a flat messenger. You have two pros for one, whereas I only hear one for the sandstone. Good Luck!
  3. I vote Sandstone; not quite as dark as oatmeal, but dark enough so that you do not have to baby it.

    Here is me with my Sandstone Hobo. :tup:
  4. Okay.. this did not help. LOL. You look great with your sandstone hobo.. I love it. Dang it!!!
  5. sandstone!! the best color and leather.
  6. [​IMG]

    OMG Becca!!! I love this! :nuts: Just curious...what are the dimensions? The Day seems huge to me but this looks smaller. Gorgeous!
  7. The Day is a bit bigger than the Hobo - they are about the same width but the Day is taller and deeper. When the Day is worn and only half full they both look a similar size :yes:

    Becca - I love your Sandstone Hobo :heart::heart:
  8. My sandstone Hobo is much darker than my oatmeal city. It's a tough choice! I love them both equally. Sorry I'm not much help.
  9. I still can't decide. argh. lol.
  10. another vote for Sandstone! but as to style, I vote the day... and with GH of course (is it still available?)! good luck!
  11. [​IMG]

    My best friend fwd this pix. to me today
    It's Mastic CITY in GH --- Very Niceeeee :drool:
  12. I guess everyone is hinting that i need both? LOL
  13. I'd pick the RH Mastic Day. I'm not a big fan of the messenger. I prefer the older fb hobos.
  14. I'm LOVING the Mastic right now :heart: The other colors are too light for my taste. If you want a light color, get something in white, IMHO :tup:
  15. Which is darker? Oatmeal or Sandstone? Which is closer to a brown? Hope that makes sense. TIA