Oak Roxanne Tote

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  1. I've found one of these on sale in the next size up from A4. I know it's quite large and probably quite heavy.
    I just love these bags....should I go for it just as an occasional bag????
  2. They are really large I was going to get one when they first came out but too big I think and I really love large bags :tdown:
  3. Rachie, I'd be hesitant to tell you to get one knowing that you can't wear heavy bags. My A4 tote weighs exactly 1kg - I can only imagine how much the larger size weighs!

    Are you just lusting after the A4, can't find it on sale so looking at the large as a replacement? How often would you really use it? I'd hate for you to buy it and then only use it twice because it's too heavy/big.

    I'd say hold out for the A4 if you really want one.
  4. DON'T BUY IT RACHIEM. It'll be too big and far too heavy.
  5. yeah...I've looked and I think you're right....I think I will stick with the Pebble...I'm just worried that I won't love it???(if that makes sense) This is the last of my vouchers, so my last bag for a while.
  6. Why not hang onto your vouchers and see what is in the new collection and possibly in the summer sale. don't spend them for the sake of it on something you're not sure you'll love. You've got loads of mabels. why not wait to see if a new style takes your breath away?
  7. I had a 30% voucher for Bicester....I thought the Pebble would be grey (stone) but I've seen a couple of more pics and it seems quite warm.
    It will leave me about £150 in vouchers for a rainy day....
    I think for under £300 it's a good buy?
  8. ^^£300 is definitely a good price for a pebble Mabel. Go for it if that's the one you really want!
  9. I would probably wait a while, if I were you. Mable is "you", but I get the feeling that you are perhaps looking for something different. I am sure there will be something exciting in the new collection. Always is!
  10. Yes it is a good price Rachie, mine cost £416 although I paid half of it with vouchers so didn't seem so much at the time.

    the big roxy tote is mahoosive! I think one of our few Mulberry gents was after one, he opted for this size as it is more suited to a larger frame, perhaps gents frame. Just need to take one look at one of the Geldof girls with their ridiculous vinyl totes to realise a4 is the better choice for a smaller frame.

    If you aren't sure about getting another mabel perhaps hold off as Jo says, there's no point using it up for the sake of it.

    I'd agree with re: pebble it is warmer than stone and it tends to warm further with different clothing colour combinations.
  11. thanks MC...I'm going to go for it.
    I can always return it if I don't love it. (although everyone that's gone one seem to) I'll let you know how i get on!
  12. Hope you love Pebble mable when she arrives!
  13. YAY! Glad you've decided to go for the pebble Mabel Rachie. I hope you love it! Looking forward to pics.
  14. Well chosen Rachie, pebble is beautiful, I do hope you like her, I love mine - the colour is just so easy to wear, and although a neutral colour doesn't feel like a neutral colour if this makes sense, to me black, oak and choc seem like the neutrals so it's nice to pick up pebble for a bit of a change and it can often be used for those outfits that need an easy piece to wear.

    Let us know how you get on with it.
  15. thanks for the advice!
    You're so right about the heavy Roxy....It's made me decide to sell my Poppy satchel as that's too heavy for me and that's probably half the size and only used twice!
    I'll let you know how I go
    I've ordered this to go on a few of my bags too