Oak Roxanne for $285. Too good to be true?!?

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  1. I was just looking at bags online and was reminded of how much I love the Mulberry Roxanne in Oak. I did a quick google search and happened upon a website, https://www.boutiquelebon.com, that claims to have the bags for $285 USD. I know that the Roxanne in Oak is discontinued but the price strikes me as extra cheap. What do you Mulberry devotees think? Any advice on where I might be able to find a reasonably priced Oak Roxanne? Thanks!
  2. Read their "about me" section for your answer. They're "designer inspired"... aka knockoffs. Yep, too good to be true.
  3. Thanks, hotstar16. I think I got too carried away at the possibility of such a great price to read the site thoroughly!
  4. i did the same as you i was going to buy 2 or 3
  5. I must admit,when I first started getting into bags,I got drawn in by these sites,but the prices were so good it made me wary,and then I found out,they are too good to be true. To be honest,if they were 30/40 quid I don't think I'd be that bothered by their existance,a leather bag from Marks and Spencers thats non designer can cost that.
    But its the blatant playing on the desirability that puts the prices up,for what is essentially a non designer bag,anything over 60 quid for one of these is just nasty.The leather content does'nt even make them worth that.