Oak OS Muse on sale at NM

  1. still there!
  2. Damn It I missed it again.. please yall please.. pm me if you see it.. I have checked every day.. I even call them every day and ask them what days returns they are processing.. I really want this bag
  3. Gone!!
  4. I just returned OS Orange Muse to Bob Ellis Shoes. If you'd like you can call them at 843-722-2515 Ext.27. Maybe they still have it. Good luck!:tup:
  5. and its now at $732!
  6. Wow, really?! It's cheaper than I got it for. I wish OS size worked for me :sad:
  7. I might call about the orange one.. thanks for the info.. I really got my heart set on the Oak.. I have been calling NM, doing the on line chat and refreshing the thread link for a week and a half... oh well if its meant to be it will be.
  8. fyi when I had called they had no OS Muse on sale so guess yours sold fast