Oak or oxblood Antony?

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm looking into the larger size Antony as I would like something a bit more casual/versatile than my current black work bag (a structured top handle with a crossbody option from LK Bennett), but still roomy and sort of medium smart. Would the oak be too casual? It's always been my favorite Mulberry color, but I'm now drawn to the oxblood as a black alternative. I wear a lot of black and grey, but am really trying to lighten up my wardrobe a bit. Thoughts?
  2. Hi, I have the large Antony in chocolate (I've had it a long time, I don't think Mulberry do this style in choc anymore, I believe Oxblood is now the replacement colour). I love my Antony, colour wise I'm afraid I'm not going to be much help, I love Oxblood, it's such a beautiful shade and I think in time with use would become even better. Saying that though, Oak is sooo Mulberry, also a gorgeous shade.

    The only difference, and it's slight, I wonder if the Oak would mark easier with rain and such?

    Also I agree the Oxblood is a slightly less casual colour than the Oak. Xx
  3. I would go oxblood - especially as I think the oxblood Anthony has gunmetal hardware, which looks like a great combo!
  4. Oxblood.
  5. Oxblood
  6. Oxblood
  7. I have the chocolate Antony and it's indestructible. I would go with the darker color.
  8. Oak - you can dress it up or down, knot the strap and wear it on the shoulder. I've owned all 3 core colours, black and oak were the best, oak piping black. Big Ant is a timeless, fab bag that looks better on than the Hermes Evelyne.
  9. Oak is lovely, but oxblood would be better with the colours you've mentioned
  10. Thanks, everyone! After nosing around on the different styles, I was somewhat impulsive and ended up buying the SBS in Oak after all that! I've wanted a Bays for years, but have finally admitted to myself that hands-free is for me. This seems a perfect combo of Bays DNA with hands-free or hand carry and a dressy shape with a casual color. I'm only hoping it's not too "tiny" looking (I am NOT tiny). I guess I'll find out!

    Will probably still buy a large Antony in the near future if I find a great pre-loved one as an Antony is always a useful addition.
  11. Congrats! I have two SBSs one oak and one black and I love them to bits. Can we see a picture of your new purchase? 😀
  12. Well, I ended up having to send the SBS back. As predicted, it was too "tiny looking" on me. It was roomy, but the plump shape made it look too small for my frame. If I were petite, it would have been perfect.

    I ended up with a large oak Antony after all! Love it. It smells amazing and holds anything I might possibly need while still staying close to the body. I'm going to try to attach a photo. Ignore the weird Victorian furniture in the background. I work in a museum and my office is furnished with odds and ends.

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  13. Brilliant choice! A couple of coats of Collonil Gel and you'll be fine!
  14. Sorry about the SBS. I'm petite and the SBS suits me fine. Love the ant though. Enjoy!
  15. Good choice. I have one in black. Love her. Congrats :biggrin: