oak or chocolate bayswater!

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  1. help me choose a mulberry bayswater! normally wear casual clothes (jeans), have blonde hair, 3 kids and it rains alot in the UK!!! Is the chocolate darwin less likely to get noticeable rain marks etc? Already got an oak Annie so thinking maybe I should go for a different colour. Any advice? Am thinking the Oak 'goes' with everything!:shame:

  2. I've got a Soho in chocolate and I've used it virtually all winter. It's a lovely colour but it is a dark brown and I can't see myself using it in the summer. Are you looking for an anytime bag? If so, I wouldn't, personally, go for the chocolate.
    I agree that the oak is definitely a really flexible colour as it goes with everything but if you already have the Annie in it how about any of the following possibilities...
    Not sure which leather you have the Annie in but they do the Bayswater in kenya or darwin leather in oak - perhaps one of those?
    Or have you thought of the Bayswater in bronze - bit of a statement.
    Or how about the Bayswater in tan melange - something different?
    Have fun deciding!
  3. Am definately leaning towards the bayswater in oak darwin. (my annie is oak darwin too!) and yes would be hoping it would be an anytime bag. tried one on in john lewis yesterday and loved it and the oak did seem to suit me better. There wasn't a chocolate one to try on and i decided the black wasn't for me!
  4. I checked them out on the internet, and I recommend you get the chocolate. It's such a nice colour and I personally think it works all year round.
  5. 3 kids + lots of rain..hm..I would go for the chocolate.. I started out as a fan of the oak darwin..and when I was going to get my picadilly..it was also a decision between oak or chocolate..went for the latter and I am glad i did..the signature darwin leather's rich texture, couple with the deep dark brown is as decadent as Godiva chocolates! And as you use it..a sheen developes giving the leather a subtle, but beautiful patina. And yes..it's less vulnerable to rain and moisture (ie. less obvious)as compared to the oak darwin leather.

    Good luck and do let us know which one you've picked when you do!

  6. oh, now I'm swaying towards the chocolate!!!! But I notice it's not on the Mulberry website at the moment, they've only got the oak or black!
  7. For you gals in the UK-where is the Mulberry Factory-does it have an outlet store and can you get better deals on handbags there? I may be in London this summer. Thanks!:p

  8. Hi there - the Mulberry factory shop is in a town called Shepton Mallet in Somerset. If you're looking it up, the nearest city is Bath. It's about 2.5 - 3 hours drive from London (if the traffic's OK!).
    It's Mulberry's outlet and the savings are v good - averages around 30 - 40 per cent off but sometimes it's as much as 50 - 75 per cent depending on the range and the time of year. They get bags in every day and all the bags on sale are heavily discounted.
    If you like Mulberry it is definitely worth a visit as they do all the range - wallets, organisers, luggage, bags, cosmetic bags etc as well as home furnishings, china and clothing.
    It's an old Victorian school and has a small cafe. If you are looking for a particular bag it's worth calling them before you go as they can tell you what they have in stock. They will also mail out bags.
  9. I say go for the chocolate. The oak is beautiful, but I still think the chocolate is fine for anytime of the year. Good luck and post photos of you final purchase.:drinkup:
  10. I'd opt for the chocolate. Alternatively, you could try and track down one of the oak/chocolate bayswater combinations - chocolate body with oak handles. It's a good compromise between the two and the oak handles really lift the colour of the chocolate.
  11. i think chocolate works for all year round. and it may have more longevity too.
  12. oak, so pretty
  13. Ok, I think it'll be the chocolate. Now just have to convince hubby to get me one for my Birthday in June- or perhaps next xmas. I presume they won't be going out of production any time soon???
  14. I don't think so. They seem to have been around for a couple of seasons. And even if they do, you should be able to pick one up on eBay, providing you make sure it's authentic first - alot of people here can help with that :smile:
  15. The chocolate isn't on Mulberry's website which rather implies it's no longer in their current line. However, it is available on net-a-porter.