Oak Mitzy Messenger

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  1. Hi All

    I have just found your great forum!

    I am looking to add to my Mulberry collection with a Mitzy Messenger in Oak. I have never bought a messenger, but the Hobo is just to big for me.

    However, I am concerned about colour transfer. Is there anyway to prevent this?

  2. You can collonil your bag but unfortunately colour transfer will depend entirely on the denim, i guess some rub off more then others.
    I have bought the messenger in oak and the SA told me colour transfer may happen, so fingers crossed it won't! Will be keeping everyone posted on this once i start wearing it!
    You can knot the strap of the messenger and wear in on the shoulder too.
  3. Good question. I'm new to Oak, but after seeing how lovely my new style Jaquetta is I may be tempted by the Oak MM at some stage. Would this risk of colour transfer still apply if the denim had been washed quite a few times or just on newer garments?
  4. It has not really been an issue for me yet as I have been wearing a coat, but I prefer to wear mine a bit higher anyway so it wont rub as much.
    I sprayed it to within an inch of it's life too!