Oak Lilly or Deer Brown Bayswater Clutch?....

  1. Hi lovely ladies

    I'm trying I decide with bag to go for next, all my bags are larger and I'm after something smaller for days you want hands free and a little bag either to be long shoulder or cross body.....

    I can't decide between oak Lilly or deer brown bayswater clutch as oth have their plus points;

    Oak Lilly more casual and day to day I prefer the colour
    Deer bays clutch I prefer length of chain and the shape

    If there was an oak bays clutch it'd be perfect hybrid!

    Please help me choose.....
  2. I saw the Bays clutch yesterday at CO (not sure if it was a sub or not) but it looked rather small to be used in the daytime. I would say the Lily would be more suitable for day and looks great at night.
  3. I would go for oak lily too, for the same reason as steph said. I seen the bays clutch in CO as well and For me it would only be suitable for evenings.
  4. I don't think a Bayswater clutch will pass the 'big bunch of keys' test, lovely as it is!
  5. Ever the practical I must agree with Plemont!...:smile::graucho: