oak leopard on other bags??

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  1. Does anyone know if any bags besides the Alexa will be available in Oak Leopard? Thanks!
  2. I saw a 2010 book of all the bags and there were no other oak leopards....!
  3. :nuts:where did you see that book??
  4. In a store ...I know one of the Sa's very well....There is a Alexa hobo coming out and quite a lot of snake skin.....
  5. Wishful thinking: an Oak Leopard Bays or even better Roxy please!
  6. :drool: :faint: :drool:
  7. Ooooh, the alexa hobo sounds promising! I was hoping for a Mitzy or Daria in OL.
  8. I'm dying for somethig in oak leopard (even though I haven't actually seen it IRL yet :Push: ) - Alexa hobo sounds veeeeeerrrrry interesting :nuts:
  9. ^^I think the alexa hobo will be in leopard, but not sure if it will be in oak leopard. Maybe it's a lighter colour or greyish..
  10. Even better :nuts:

    Better start trying to find a buyer for my kidney :lolots:
  11. I emailed Mulberry and got a response...the oak leopard will only be available in the Alexa family.