oak leopard alexa question

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  1. Hi all,

    This is my first ever post having just found this forum!

    I have a question about the oak leopard alexa if that's ok?

    The leather on my OS leopard feels a little dry and rough to the touch esp after spraying with collonil. Is anyone elses like this? The leather is quite crinkled looking so i wasn't sure if this was normal for the leopards to feel dry and rough or not :wondering

    Would some Woly cream help do you think?

    Thanks in advance x
  2. Hi and welcome to the forum,
    I don't have an Alexa so can't advise on the leather but i wouldn't put any woly cream on the bag.
    Try buffing the bag with the mulberry dustbag to see if this softens the leather.
    Hopefully somebody more knowledgable on the Alexa will be along soon
  3. Isn't the leopard shiny so wouldn't need the collonil? I'd also buff with the dustbag as SHM suggests v
  4. Hi and welcome!

    I sprayed my oak leopard alexa with collonil, and got the same impression as you. Wasn't sure if I just hadn't noticed how it was before I sprayed it... but I too felt it got slightly rougher to touch, although it's still glossy and soft. It's just a tad different to touch I think.

    I was also worried about dryness, and think it looks a little dry or used in the creases. But I only see it when examining it very closely. I too think it might be because of the collonil, but also thought that maybe I didn't look close enough/didn't see it before I sprayed. I've been told the bag will get an aged look, so maybe it's part of it? But now at least I know you've reacted on it too, so it wasn't just me. Will pay close attention to how it develops and I ask them to take a look next time I visit the Mulberry store. One of the SA's have the same bag, so will be interesting to hear what she thinks too.

    I've sprayed it once and compared to how I spray my other oak bags, I sprayed lightly. It says on the carecard to put collonil on, and they agreed in the store (although they won't have any experience with this leather I guess), so thought it was best to spray before taking her out. I usually don't spray glossy bags (been told by Mulberry not to spray them), but now with these 'directions' I did. I'll not spray it again I think. I have been out in the snow with it and no spots.
  5. Thanks for the replies. It's good to know it's not just me who has noticed it. The SA gave me a free can of collonil and I too followed the 'directions'. Think I'll not spray it anymore though and def give it a buffing with the dustbag.

    I agree Lilemmy it will be interesting to see how the leather wears over time. This is my first shiny bag and I want to look after it properly because I love it!!:biggrin:
  6. ^^ it's a gorgeous bag isn't it?!! :love:
  7. OMG it is the most amazing bag I own! It is just perfect for me :yahoo:
  8. Would love to see some piccies of it aay!
  9. Hi I'm not sure how to do pictures - I have a few on my iPhone but don't know how to attach them. Will keep trying....:thinking:
  10. you have to upload them on photobucket first, then use the 'picture' button, pasting the link into the box. Hope you'll figure it out!
  11. First attempt at photos - they are from my iPhone so the quality is a bit poor sorry![​IMG]
  12. First attempt at photos - they are from my iPhone so the quality is a bit poor sorry!

  13. Unfortunately, the photos don't show, I just see a red cross...
  14. Hmmm well that didn't seem to work! Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I've saved a few pics to photobucket but I'm not sure I typed in the correct http thing. I'm not very good with computers as you probably can tell! :confused1:
  15. [​IMG]