Oak Jaquetta has arrived!!!

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  1. and it's lovely BUT it's not quite what i expected. It's A/W08 according to the tag and unlike the jaquetta in the picture on the website it doesn't have the buckles on the straps going down the front of the bag, it has the buckles around the top however.

    I have done some pics but I currently have a builder upstairs and can't get to the computer in the office where I need to download them. Will try to get then on soon.

    The good news is that i can get it on my shoulder over my coat (just) and because it's quite a slim bag it's comfy to carry under your arm.

    pics soon i promise!
  2. Are you happy with it inspite of the differences?
  3. Aww, good for you!! Can't wait for pics.

    It has no buckles down the front?
    Then it is just like the one I saw in the store, it also had the straps tucked in on the bottom whereas on the 'original' one they are not.
    Hm, really liked the buckles down the front...

    So, is she a keeper?

    P.S. How can they put a different picture on the website, as it is essentially a different bag with the buckles? They need to do a better job with the website, the descriptions of the bags, care advice, etc. there are so many things that are incorrect.
  4. The more I model it and put my stuff in it the more i'm loving it. i think it was just initial surprise at not being quite what i expected. ultimately not having the buckles could be a good thing however they are a nice feature......
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    I'm glad you are happy with her Jo.

    I saw a choc one without the front buckles in T5 on Sat, the bag still looked great, the top detail and overall shape is very nice. I do think that Oak may look better as the design stands out more than the darker choc colour. I shall await with interest the pics and also my own parcel to arrive :graucho:
  7. Oh I'm so glad its arrived Jo and, despite being a little different to what you were expecting, you love it.

    I'm glad the straps are long enough, that was the only thing that was worrying me because I know how disappointed you were when you tried the Mollie at SM and I wasn't sure how the straps of the Jaquetta compared.

    Can't wait to see photos!
  8. I am so glad you like it! Cannot wait to see mine :smile:...

    However, I think it is wrong that Mulberry didn't have the pic of the correct bag on their web site. It means that we bought a different product than we intended to! At least that is how I feel... When buying on the internet we totally rely on pictures and product descriptions and they HAVE to be accurate! Like in KLP's case with the Roxy A4 tote.

    I am so looking forward to seeing the pictures!

    I also think it might be a good thing that the buckles aren't there, because now the back and the front are identical. Right? So doesn't matter which way you carry it.

  9. The buckles around the top of the bag are still only present on one side of the bag but you can't really see them anyway when carrying it!!!
  10. I'm glad you like it! Very curious what it looks like though!
  11. I think the buckles at the top are only on one side, so there is a difference between the front and back.
    The buckles down the front were also just on one side.
    Hope that makes sense.

    Ha, Jo beat me to it in answering it...
  12. i wold phone and have a moan to be honest you might get some vouchers out of it . I would belive thats againist trade descriptions act in some way.

  13. I have e-mailed Mulberry to point out that the bag i've received isn't the one in the picture!:nuts:

    and another difference is that the interior pocket is fabric rather than leather!
  14. Congrats Jo! Can't wait to see the pic!
  15. I actually think those small changes might be for the best :tup:. The leather pockets are often very stiff getting in and out of. Haven't seen the bag irl yet, so my opinion might change (?).

    Let us know when you hear from Mulberry!