oak in different styles annie rosemary

  1. second new post of the day regarding rosemary i have one put aside in lavender but have since seen the oak in the shop as well- gorgeous. i have an annie arriving soon in oak should i stick to my original plan and go for the rosemary in lavender or change to oak? is is daft having two styles of bag in the same colour ? does anyone know how well the coloured bags age i mean do they have the same classic effect as the classic colour of oak
    responses welcome thankyou:confused1:
  2. I think oak is a really versatile colour. Depends how much use you would get out of a lavender bag really. it's nice to have a variety!
  3. Personally, I would go for variety. But thats just me! The lavender really does sound lovely.
  4. yes i was thinking that just wish i could have them all at times or maybe win the lottery so i didn't have to choose thats the hardest part x:wlae:
  5. Hmm, tricky one Bayley. I guess ideally I would go for two different colours. If you think you'll get the use from lavender I would go with that plan. Having said that, I do love the oak, and for me personally I think I would use it more. Have you seen the Rosemary in chocolate by the way? How would that fit for you?

    Congrats on the Annie BTW - saw your other post - it was definately meant to be :yahoo:
  6. bayley 3 if you look at the picture reference thread at my post you'll see a piccie of my oak annie almost next to the ivy bayswater so you can get an idea of size!
  7. I can see both sides of the coin; my latest bag is an oak rosemary and I looooooooove it sooo much, but at the same time I try and make every bag I have a different colour for variety. I also think a bag like annie looks nicer in the oak/black/choc colours so if you were going to change the colour of one I'd make it the rosemary.

    They had choc, black and oak rosemarys in the sale when I got mine; I already have a black mulberry's (Emmy and bayswater) and a brown araline so I chose oak so it was diff. If I'd already had an oak bag I'd have gone for the choc rosemary. I think having different style bags in the same colour is kind of like having all your clothes in the same colour.......unless its your fave colour of course! A lavender rosemary sounds so lovely though, please post pics when and if you get it!
  8. Variety is the spice of life, so they say! Every time I've bought different style bags in the same colour, I've ended up using one more than the other. I'd stick with lavender for the rosemary - it'll be a lovely colour for the summer and v different to the bags you already have.
  9. Where did you manage to get the oak Annie?:confused1:
  10. orange tree