Oak Elgin

  1. I am not sure who it was that was looking for this elusive bag, but I have just come from Selfridges and they have 2 in stock. They only had oak.
    I would have snapped it up myself, but I am on a ban and am not allowed any more oak bags.
    Mulberry concession at Selfridges London and they do mail order.
  2. It was Tara!!! Pm her and ask if she got sorted!!
  3. Ey up Tara,was jus stalking you to tell you!!
  4. Hi- just spotted this, my friend took her eBay elgin into Hof and they said yes it was indeed fake.
    They took pity on her and after many phone calls managed to track one down for her:smile:.

    Oh and she is going to use it as a laptop bag..
  5. oh makes me want a black elgin even more as a laptop bag now too.
  6. Yikes i didn't realise they weren't available on mulberry.com in oak anymore:wtf:, i've wanted one for ages, but can't afford full price, was so hoping they were going to be reduced last Christmas or in the summer sale. Argh!
  7. There was something on here a few weeks ago saying how Mulberry aren't making any more Elgins and just want to sell through the existing stock rather than reducing the price in the usual way.

    Looks like it might become quite hard to acquire - especially at less than face value :tdown:
  8. ^ That's to bad .. it's a great bag