Oak Darwin: Too High Maintenance?

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  1. Hi Ladies! I'm thinking of buying an Oak Darwin Bayswater and I've been reading your threads...is it too high maintenance? It sounds so complicated what you're doing -- all that spraying with Collonil and wiping with baby oil and the worst: avoiding rain. Here in the tropics I do get caught in serious rainstorms! Are you going to seriously tell me not to buy an Oak Darwin...because the color is great for here. I like to use my bags and love them. I don't baby them like it seems some of you do. Is there any other lighter color I should get, that is easier to care for? Talk to me. Thanks!
  2. I hope it's not too high maintenance, because I've just ordered one!

    I intend to spray it regularly with Collonil (as I do with my other bags) but that's about all.

    I'm not going to use in torrential rain, but I'm not going to baby it either. I've bought this bag to USE and that's what I intend to do. I think they look better when slightly battered anyway.
  3. GIW how often do you spray your bags?

    When I bought the spray, the SA recommended every 4-6 weeks. Does this sound right? I don't bother re-spraying the nappa bags (the soft nappa is robust and the washed nappa - Joni - is kind of beyond protecting now :sad:) - I guess it's just the darwin that needs spraying. I've sprayed the Emmy twice in two months but not sure if I should continue doing so every month. The chocolate Elgin doesn't seem to need any spraying and I tend to do that once every few months (don't really use it very much even though I :heart: it).

    I must look into getting some nourishing cream or something - I'd quite like the oak to age cleanly rather than just look beat up, if that makes any sense.

    TG, hopefully someone who's had an oak bag for a while will be able to give you some idea of what the bag will look like if you don't protect it (perhaps look for pics of used oak Bayswaters on eBay?). I've only had an oak bag for 2 months so can't really give any indication as mine has only been out in light rain.
  4. The Mulberry SA recommended that I sprayed Darwin leather with Collonil once a month. I tend to stick to that with my Elgin.

    Like you, I don't bother spraying my Araline as the leather is so robust. I don't spray my Joni anymore as it doesn't seem to prevent marks anyway (bit disappointed with that purchase).

    Hmm perhaps I shuld get some nourishing cream for the Bayswater?
  5. What other leather does Bayswater come in?
  6. Darwin is probably my least favourite leather from Mulberry because it does mark but if you liked a vintage look then it's fine. My Mulberry bags are in congo (no maintenance apart from the odd dollop of nourishing cream) and glove. Glove is wonderful because it is much lighter than darwin and does not show marks.
    I'm fairly sure Bayswater has come in glove. The ones I saw recently were a much finer leather than the Roxy, Emmy etc so I think it would wear better.
  7. Thank you Sarajane, for this information. Now...the problem is finding the Bayswater in glove or congo. Can you describe these leathers to me? They don't seem to be too common -- are they?
  8. I have to say that the Oak Darwin is not a problem. If you spray it regularly, 4-6 weeks, it will be fine. I've had my Oak Bayswater since April/May and I've had it in rain and snow. No problem. Some dark spots appear after heavy rain, but they dry out after a day or two. Scratches also appear, but blend into the leather after a while.

    Even though I spray and put lotion on it quite regularly, I do not baby my bag and use it everyday. I can already see a lovely patina developing, at it does become more weather resistant with a patina.

    So I would definitively recommend the Darwin leather in Oak.
  9. If you can spray it once a month with the collonil i reckon you'd be fine with an oak bayswater. i got caught in a rainstorm in london with my oak darwin annie and she was fine ( she had been sprayed) Once the patina develops any watermarks would blend in. If you are like me though and like your bags to look 'new' for as long as possible the oak darwin may not be for you. I've seen bayswaters in glove leather in red and pink, also a chocolate colour with oak trim and beads at the side (will try to find a piccie of that one!!)
  10. Glove leather is much finer than darwin. It's also textured - imagine the inside of an Aero chocolate bar (not sure if you'll have that in the tropics!). It's halfway between the very fine, light leather of the Araline and the chunky darwin leather.
    It does all come down to personal preference. I like unstructured bags that 'smoosh' which is why I love the shape of the Soho and also Miu Miu and Prada bags. Darwin is a bit too structured for me.
  11. I have NEVER sprayed my Oak Darwin Tooled Bayswater. Sure, the leather has became quite a lot darker during the two years of use (and the color isn't even anymore), but I prefer the bag with "used" look, it gives her more character.

    My SA recommended me to let it age naturally, and it is beautiful! The scratches come and go, and I just love the vintage look.
  12. Thank you Nita for sharing this news! Hooray, someone finally brave enough to let leather be leather and to use and enjoy your bag "au natural." Can you post a picture? Thanks! Maybe there is an Oak Darwin in my future after all!
  13. Thanks for sharing that Nita! I've never sprayed my chocolate Elgin and was beginning to worry. I want my bag to age and look like I've used it (but of course, still be beautiful). So far, it seems to be working ok. But of course, chocolate is a lot darker than oak and I can't speak for that.
  14. I have to say that I think the tooled oak darwin bags are much more sympathetic to ageing/rain than the regular oak darwin. I guess it's because there's other stuff going on, the watermarks etc do not stand out so much.

    LinaFIN - I do spray my choc Elgin occasionally but I think the colour deals with rain very well and you can't see watermarks afterwards. I can assure you that the oak is very different :yes:

    I do use, and love, my bags but they're too expensive to not take care of, imho. I like the aged darwin look very much and I want my bags to have a lived in look but I've seen a few too many darwin bags that just look old, stained and dirty, rather than weathered and nicely aged.