Oak Brook, IL boutique giving PCE card back...

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  1. OK, I don't know if all the boutiques are doing this... but I just used my PCE card at the Oak Brook, Illinois boutique... and they handed it back to me and said I could use it again during the PCE.
  2. I used mine at the NorthPark store in Dallas and they gave me mine back, too. I didn't say anything about it but was wondering if I can still use it again!
  3. Hi, I've been a lurker for about a couple of months now, I really enjoy reading all of your comments and seeing your collections! I've been a Coach addict for many years!!
    To answer your question, my Coach boutique in S. Portland, ME did he same thing yesterday. I went in and ordered the new brown Carly using my PCE card and the SA handed it back to me as well, which was a nice surprise as I thought you could only use it once!
  4. Hi everyone...first post...lurking for a while....but I wanted to mention this too! I used mine in Geneva Commons, IL ( Hi QueenLouis!) and they gave it back and told me I could use it again later in the week. Well! Maybe I will! Maybe it is something new...or they really liked us and wanted us to use it again! ;)
  5. It's a good thing on their part to do this because they will get more sales... I mean how many of you thought you could only use it once come to find out you can use it more and have went back for more?


    It sucks I'm going the last day... so no more using for me!
  6. I used my PCE yesterday and the SA told me I could keep it and use it again too. :tup:
  7. OK, guess it's everywhere this time. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't keeping a good secret.
  8. the last PCE they gave it back to me and i gave it to a friend to use.

    this time i went in to look and didnt bring my card, as i didnt want to preorder without really knowing what i wanted....they didnt even take my card to order! so after ordering the red patent hobo and legacy envelope wallet...i still have the card to go buy MORE!!!
  9. Me to, I got mine back as well:smile: The SA said I could use it again
  10. I didnt get to keep my PCE card. The SA just took it and wrote the amount that i spent on the back of it.
  11. My SA does not even see if I have a card; she just automatically gives it to me when I go in the store.

    She also lets me call in additional PCE purchases throughout the period and sends them to me so I do not even have to haul my tush into the store.
  12. I forgot my card when I went in on Friday so my SA just gave me the discount anyway. Of course, since I still have the card I just CAN'T let it go to waste, so i'll be back again on Monday for my black Carly:happydance:
  13. I used my card at the Flatiron Crossing Store in Broomfield, CO and they gave mine back 'just in case I thought of anything else I wanted'

  14. That's interesting. I have been getting and using these cards since they started and I have never had that happen.

    By the way I was able to keep mine also.
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