Oak Annie

  1. Hi guys

    I wonder if you can help. I've been using my Oak Annie since November and have noticed that it seems to be getting a little darker in places. I'm convinced that it could be due to my coat, and pollution in London. I regularly protect it with the waterproof spray, but wondered if there was anything that I could do to restore the original colour.

    Thanks in advance for the stacks of advice that I'm going to get.

  2. Mmm, not sure about restoring the orig colour :s Sorry Ltl.

    I've seen oak change colour in places as it develops it's patina, and then it generally just sort of fills in the same everywhere after time, if that makes sense. As far as I know, using the spray is your best bet to try and ensure a more even colour change as it ages, but I'm pretty sure that there's nothing you can do to get it back to it's original colour. I think it's just a question of the more you use it, the more likely that the rest of the bag will fill in to match? With use, the oak is def known to darken over time.

    Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but hopefully the others will be along soon to advise.....

    Edited to add another thought!
  3. Sounds like the natural patina is developing- it will get darker with use.
  4. Thanks guys - I won't get so stressed about it.
  5. Aw, dont get stressed about it, the natural patina is gorgeous :heart::heart: I think they look better all worn in than they do new sometimes :tup:
  6. I'm using my Oak Bays, and yes, I finally sprayed it, and I can see that the handles will naturally get darker because I'm holding them all the time. Also, I put the bag under my arm and the spot that lands under my arm pit will get darker too -- not from being stained...but just from wear and warmth and use. This does not bother me, as you ladies know, I believe that handbags are meant to be used and worn and loved. Nothing stays pristine in life -- not even our faces... So live it up gals!
  7. That's the beauty of darwin leather - it gets all lived in and lovely looking!