Oak Alexa Issues

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  1. Hi everyone

    So, I bought my brand new regular Alexa in oak on 6th March from Selfridges.

    I've only just started using it over the weekend and I'm really bothered by the side panels, they seem really thin and flimsy. So much so I've sent an email to mulberry customer services saying as much.

    Has anyone here had similar issues and if so were they resolved by mulberry?

    They have responded to my email saying to post it to them so their quality managers can take a look. I guess this would be their standard response as it'd be impossible for them to comment either way until they have seen it in person.

    I'm not sure if I'm over reacting but it's an awful lot of money for what could be a sub standard product.

    Thanks for any advice
  2. Here are some pictures although it's hard to show in a picture 😊

    Attached Files:

  3. Second pic 😀

    Attached Files:

  4. Sorry, that's the same picture 🙃🙃 I'll try again x

    I can't upload the other picture, it just keeps saying upload failed
  5. Well, I think I can almost see what you mean. In my opinion, the leather should be of the same quality in all panels (sides, front and back). Flap could be different without it feeling strange I think. I have only bought my bags in store and have spent a lot of time to choose the most "balanced" bag. The NVT leather is very different between bags!
  6. This is the polished buffalo leather?
    Or another type?
  7. If you're not happy and you genuinely feel like the sides of the bag are lesser quality then I would take it back and exchange it for another one. It's a huge amount of money to be unhappy...
  8. Thank you for your replies

    Yep, it's the polished buffalo oak.

    There was only two left at Selfridges and the other one was really badly damaged, scratches to all the gold parts(I think it was exdisplay as did the sa) so hence I went for the one I have and also didn't have much to compare it with.

    I haven't returned it yet, I'm thinking of going to the outlet in York on Sunday to look at some others (if they have any) and ask their advice. Plus I'm after a small Bayswater or a Bayswater tote while I'm there, also if they have any as its my birthday on Sunday.

    Do you think it is supposed to be like this? I'm hoping if I see some others it will put my mind at rest as its really bothering me now. It's the most money I've ever spent on a bag. I have a Bayswater, Emmy, Antony and tessie tote and they are all really lovely and I have no regrets with any of them but this Alexa ummmm, I'm starting to lose sleep 😫😫😫 xx
  9. I'm sure there's been another thread about a similar problem recently... I'll go and have a look.
  10. Thank you. I've read through the post.

    I don't think mine is as bad as the one discussed as that one looks to have creases which when I pinch mine it doesn't mark at all. It's sat next to me now and I keep looking at it 😩. What a dilemma, I wonder if I'm overthinking it? I've googled all sorts trying to get a view of any other issues. I think the best thing is to compare it irl with some others. That way I can gage just how different it is.

    I love my bayswater and have been using that up to this weekend as I had finally got my other dream bag so maybe I'm finding it thin and flimsy because my bays is the exact opposite.
    I've just been reading another post from 2011 discussing the same issues and some posters have said it's supposed to be thin so it can adopt a slouchy look.

    I also saw on another post that you have purchased a cara. Congrats it's a beautiful bag. Did you go for the oxblood? My tessie tote is oxblood, such a fab colour xx
  11. Yes, real life comparisons should help and you can see then if yours is very different. Hope you can resolve it, when you spend so much it should give you 100% joy.

    Yes, I did go for the oxblood Cara; I'm so excited, thank you! xx
  12. I'll post how I get on in York on Sunday.

    I bet your staying in all day tomorrow to await her arrival. I'd be having a sleepless night tonight if it was me, enjoy xx
  13. Hi!
    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling comfortable with your purchase..
    I have two Lexies in polished buffalo, one oak and one red. I have to say that their leather look quite different on the sides. The oak is absolutely perfect (it's my fav Mulb bag of my little collection) when the leather of the red is a little creasing on the sides.. Though, I decided to keep it because the bag still looks great (from my point of view) and because I thought that leather can vary from one piece to another..
    But I was comfortable with that which doesn't seem to be your case.
    So if I were you, I would definitely go and compare.
    Good luck and keep us posted;)
  14. Looking at your pics again (and from my laptop), the leather really looks like the one of my red Lexie.. But you have to make sure this is what you like and pick another one otherwise!!
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