O6 Lilac City

  1. Anyone seen them in a store lately? I want one that is more purple than gray:smile:
  2. I think the lilac is gorgeous, but is the lilac one of the lighter colors thats prone to fading and turning yellowish too?
  3. I have a pale rose and it hasn't turned yellow..I have had it probably 4 months but I am REALLY careful with it
  4. i think it's hard finding a lilac city... i know that bal ny has other styles in lilac, and recently, Barney's ny has had a first, box, shrug, day & work in lilac. i have the work, after buying both the first and work in lilac... decided i needed to show off the color more so kept the bigger bag.
  5. ^^^OMG! I really want a lilac work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Was the work you saw nice?
  6. zacory elizabeth thomas seems to have a lilac work on her website.