o5 Bordeaux City from lvlady99 (who else!!!)

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  1. Where does she get all these bbags??? I can't take it. So many pretty bbags and at good prices!!!
  2. Did someone here get it? I got my bordeaux city from her not too long ago. Does she have a tree that she grows them on?
  3. FYI: I just bought a lilac work from her so during all our email dialogs I took the opportunity to ask her where she gets all these great bags. It's mind boggling. She said her friend owns two shops that buys and sells authentic new and used bags. Wouldn't you just love to shop in those stores!
  4. Yes, I would love to shop in those stores! :yahoo: Was this a good price for the darkened handles? I imagine they'd be impossible to clean...
  5. awwwww... :sad: someone got it. i'm desperate to get a city bag in almost anything but black/brown.:girlsigh:
  6. She's a good seller? What about the shipping from Hong Kong? Fast? Slow? Extra fees or what-have-you? Thanks.:smile:
  7. She's one of the best sellers around. I love lvlady to bits!!! SUPER fast shipment. I've bought from her many times, most recently a Teal Day that arrived looking brand spanking new and simply edible.

    No extra fees, never been hit with customs with her shipments.
  8. ^^ ditto, i got my bordeaux city from her :tender:
  9. Wow, we could start a club of those with bordeaux cities from lvlady!
  10. She is a wonderful Seller and super fast! Faster then shipping I have had in t he US. It is still hard to believe all the B bags she has plus in all the colours!
  11. ^^ lol, that's soooooooooooo funny :roflmfao:

    p.s. we should start a new photo thread on it!!!