O4' Rose Twiggy on Ebay *Bertiebluebird*

  1. Sorry, I dont know how to post a link but the auction # is 6867826938. Its beautiful:love:
  2. that's one of my favorite colors!!! I so want a classique in that color but forget it, so hard to find.
  3. Oh wow; I really love that color. I hope one of our PF members bids and gives it a good home.
  4. oh yeah, i saw that one! its totally yum!
  5. Wow! Such a pretty color!
    (but the color of the background sheets are distracting)
  6. oh nice!!! lovely. How'd she score two??
  7. Very pretty!
  8. BTW ... Bertie sells authentic goods (this is probably from her collection of many B-Bags!)