O4' gorgeous

  1. no strap n dark handles for over 1k, hmm... :shrugs:
  2. Is the color that rare?:shrugs:
  3. Prices are relative. An item is worth whatever a buyer is willing to pay.

    I think the fact it's missing the strap is why it hasn't sold. Otherwise, I think someone would have BIN'd immediately.
  4. Agree. The condition is okay for a used, light colored older bag, but the price is too high without a strap, color aside.
  5. i LOVE this colour! just had one in weekender :p
    the bag looks great, and the only down side is the missing long strap.
    but u can send a BO :yes:
  6. just get the restored first in like new condition for 800 BIN, that seems like a better deal to me:smile:
  7. Weird no strap, how do you lose a strap? I wouldn't want it at any price with no strap. Pretty color though. I don't think the handles look as dark as some of her bags which to me are totally unaccpetable. Slightly warmed or darkened is not the same as almost black and 20 times darker than the bag. :p