O/S Biscotti Muse Sightings? Plus sale items!

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  1. Ladies - I just bought an O/S gray flannel Muse on sale at YSL in Vegas .... would love to find an O/S biscotti :drool:... has anyone seen one recently???

    In addition to gray flannel, I bought two other sale bags and one lg muse in fushia patent leather!!!!!!

    Will post pics as soon as I unpack!

  2. My new purchases while in Vegas!
    (left to right)
    OS caramel (?) Muse - OS gray flannel Muse (I've dreamt of this bag for months since I saw in YSL Rodeo and passed...what treat it was on sale!)

    Lg patent leather Muse in fushia (new color, just arrived) - reversible purple/silver ? (don't know the name of this great bag but fell in love when I saw it)

    Only the fushia was full price. All others were on sale!:yahoo:
  3. Pic of OS caramel Muse
  4. Last 3
    IMG_0245.JPG IMG_0244.JPG IMG_0247.JPG
  5. Pretty. :tup:

    How much were they?
  6. Gray flannel - $899
    Fushia - $1,195
    Caramel - $979 (?) can't find the receipt but this is ballpark
    Purple - $679 (?) can't find the receipt but this is ballpark
  7. [​IMG]

    Amazing! I LOVE the pink - I think that's really going to be the color for bags this spring. Great collection!
  8. :woohoo:Congrats!!!

    Your collection is gorgeous!
  9. I LOVE your new bags!!! :drool:
  10. congrats!!!!
    i love ur patent pink muse...i've never seen this colour be4...stunning!!!
  11. Love all your new YSL! I'd love to talk myself into a reversible if there are still any around on sale. I returned one to bluefly a while back because it was the smaller size & I really like the larger one. Did the see any others there? I should call around the boutiques after Christmas.
    What a haul!!!
  12. Thanks everyone!

    My Muse 'collection' will be complete once I get the biscotti OS. or should i say complete until another new style captures my heart!