O-Ring Sac Reveal

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  1. You ladies are such enablers and inspirers. I've had this bag for a couple months but after all your reveals, I thought I'd bring her out. I have a full review of this bag that I just uploaded if you want a closer look. See link below!! I think I'm going to love her. :smile: You ladies are the best!!



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  2. So pretty! I love the yellow; so cheerful!
  3. Just as pretty as I remember from your video. :tender: Do you think this color is similar to the Palamino that Dooney has in several of their other bags, or is it brighter?
  4. Sooo pretty!!
  5. She's pretty! Love the color.
  6. :biggrin: I think it's a little deeper than the Palamino. The Palamino is more yellow, this bag is more goldy yellow with a hit of orange. The color (sunset) actually fits the true color of a beautiful sunset. It's not at all a bright yellow like Laurie's Nylon bag. This color is toned down enough and can very well be a dressy bag with the right outfit. I had it on with some jeans and a shirt this morning for lunch and it turned it into a very nice look. I'm one that like my bags to make my outfit and not my outfit make the bag. :smile:

  7. Thanks Pecan! Your outfit sounds cute.
  8. Wow that's a pretty color! Love your revels and other videos, you do a great job! After watching one I now need a Chelsea LOL
  9. Thanks ladies!!! xoxo...

    I carried her for the first time today and I'm really enjoying carrying her! I should have posted a pic in the "What bag are you carrying" thread but totally forgot. I'll do a Bag of the Day video next time I carry her.

    Now I'm thinking... What took me so long to pull her out? Well, honestly... I had forgotten I had her until I saw TwoBoyz pics of her beautiful Sage Convertible Calf Leather bag and this brain of mine said "Ah ha"!!!! LOL
  10. Very pretty color!
  11. Can a Doonynista lose a bag in her closet? :shocked: Hahaha. I'm glad you rediscovered her again.
  12. LOL... Yes, it was lost. I was so glad to see your calf bag and it flicked an "ah ha" moment in my head. I just recently sold 5 bags and gave 4 to my mom. I need to reduce this dang collection. When you start forgetting what you have, you need to downsize. :smile: Well, not really. haha
  13. Pretty! Love the color. I finally saw a couple of your videos the other day and I think it will look great on you! :smile:
  14. Thanks so much! I am loving the bag. :smile:
  15. Love this bag! I've been going back and forth on the natural version. If only I could stop guilting myself about all the bags I've bought lately in the last couple months!