ø¤°º`º°¤ø What is the name of this bag?!?! ø¤º°`°º¤ø

  1. Hello Ladies & Gents!

    I was perusing thru my Allure mag and my LV radar came in affect immediately when I saw this page. Does anybody know the name of the bag...I must have it! Did I miss something or maybe it's at an angle I've never seen before. I dunno please help...TIA!!!
  2. I'm seeing Mirage.. but I don't know the shape :confused1:
  3. That looks like a mirage Alma Voyage, shown on the runway but not released for sale :sad:
  4. I'm seeing mirage myself....I may be getting waaaaay ahead of myself but if it's a Mirage Alma...I'm soooo on top of that!!!!!!:p
  5. It looks like an Alma to me.. well, a big Alma :pthere was a thread a few months back with runway photos of the fall/winter LV show and it might have been there- maybe they made it for the show but decided not to add it to the line? It's gorgeous though!!:drool:
  6. OMG!! Definitely will add it to my Mirage collection....I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!:nuts:
  7. almost looks like an alma....:confused1:
  8. I agree with everyone above - I recall pics of the Mirage travel Alma (extra-large Alma) but it was never officially released - too bad! It would be stunning!
  9. Awwwww shuuuucks!! Thank you all for the quick responses and filling me in!;)
  10. Isn't supposed to be for sale. Her whole outfit is LV :smile:

    hot bag though. too bad :sad:
  11. You are so right. It looks like Mirage Alma...Totally!
  12. I would totally love one of those!!!!
  13. ^^ me too:yes:
  14. i want the mirage sac plat!