O.o Such A Gorgeous Coat!!

  1. As soon as I saw this, I fell in love with it! :nuts: I found it on the Sartorialist blog.. Does anyone know what company or designer it's from? Can anybody help me locate this? Thank you so much in advance!

  2. i'd like to know too!
  3. i have not idea, but it sure is cute.
  4. Oooh, cute! Sadly I have no idea either :sad:
  5. that IS really cute! No clue though...sorry :sad:
  6. Very cute, I don't know the designer but I have noticed some very high-end pieces on the Sat's blog, along with some Zara and H&M pieces thrown in. This looks more high-end to me, but its hard to say - try the comments section, sometimes people say what it is there.
  7. Oh dear... it is cute! Now, you're making me crave it too!
  8. love it~~
  9. it is so cute! someone help! it makes me want to know now too!
  10. it looks like some of the coats on yesstyle.com
  11. That is a nice coat, but with the bottom banded like that, you'd need to be rather slim to pull it off. It looks great on the woman in the picture!
  12. I really like it too :smile:!!! Super cute
  13. haha, you saw it too!!! when I looked at the comments on that pic EVERYONE was wondering the same thing lol

    It's is a cute coat..
  14. Cute coat, sorry I can't help but there are a lot of styles like that recently out and about! Hopefully someone here can pinpoint it.
  15. omg I have that picture saved from last year when I first saw it hahah. & I've been asking around if anyone knows where it's from..no luck so far. :sad: